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Rebulding Indian Army

Day 2,186, 20:23 Published in India India by Rashtrapati Bhavan

Hello my dear mighty eIndians,

We are small army but remember even a small army can deal with a big hit in enemy's heart if its organized and united. I am sure you will be aware of my previous article "Gathering Fighters of India" and I have provided a form for members of India. Don't think I added it simply but I am planning to do some things with the list.

Rebuilding Indian Army

* The members will be enrolled under Supplies System carried out during Government Supported Wars.

* The Supply System will be open soon as process is going on to create a commune system to fetch Indian Government a permanent weapons supply. If you have weapons factory or WRM factories and would like to use it for welfare of Indian Members, please do contact me by messaging to GouthamKrishnan. We will allocate members to work in your companies and provide the necessary resources like WRM. Anyone from eIndia or even members from other countries of the eRepublik who supports India can do this help for us. Indian Govt will be very thankful for your support in this.

* The members who have applied will be sorted out based on their divisions and threads will be created in eRepublik for each division irrespective of whatever Military Unit he is member of. This will be useful when it comes to sending the latest updates, news and battle orders.

* This will make members of all Military Units in India to work as a team, united and will increase the relationship between the members.

* This will make present Government and future Government to prepare for future wars more easily as everything is structured and communication will be made easily with all active members of India in threads.

* Depending on the success of this Indian Army Project, more small programs like having contests, food dispatches will be implemented.

Most of all, without active participation from your side, no projects can become a successful. So if you have not applied in the form, please apply it.

You can apply in the form if you are a eIndian and you can apply even if you are a eIndian stuck in other country CS and will have Indian CS when we get back the congress.

Note : Members who have already applied in the form link given in my previous article "Gathering Fighters of India",need not to apply again because this the same form. o7

Link to the form :

The process of creating threads will be started from Sunday. So do try to apply before that or you can only be added to threads when new threads are started. You can even apply for your friend who has gonna inactive for now but will return in a week or so.



bm122 Day 2,186, 20:40

Thats an awesome initiative. I'm all yours eIndia.

ayush121212 Day 2,186, 20:51


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,186, 21:22


0pt1mus Pr1me
0pt1mus Pr1me Day 2,186, 22:48


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 2,186, 22:58


ultimatewinner Day 2,187, 23:06


AnishJain Day 2,187, 23:25

Great work.

Taekov Day 2,187, 23:29

Good luck, guys!

sleepwaIker Day 2,187, 01:31


ShockWavve Day 2,187, 02:11

ShockWavve was here

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