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Reasons to support the Newellington Herald

Day 1,834, 16:11 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

1. If you support the Newellington Herald, Newellington will ask to be your friend.
2. If you are center-right, you should support this newspaper for its commentary.
3. We don't ask you to do that much. All we want you to do is click the "vote" button at the top of each article that the Herald publishes.
4. We guarantee that all proceeds along the lines of gold will go towards the Insane Deals Charity. The Insane Deals Charity converts gold into MKD and then uses it to buy food at the marketplace. The IDC then resells this food at at least 15% less than they paid for it, therefore stimulating the economy and giving back to the community.

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