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RE: Trick or Treat Giveaway

Day 1,810, 02:36 Published in Croatia Croatia by Janko Fran
RE: Trick or Treat Giveaway
Official Results of My 3rd eBirthday Giveaway
Here are the official results of my 3rd eBirthday Trick or Treat Giveaway announced in my previous article:
Trick or Treat Giveaway - The Legend of Stingy Jack & World Savings Day

1st Prize: 3 Gold goes to Makedonas GR from Greece for his comment:

"No need for stories or fairytales in Greece... We just need to face the truth! I hope every citizen of the (e)World stands by us, cause politicians and govs really suck! My poor savings in eRep are much better than in RL, I can only mention that being a 2-yo ePlayer myself and without having spent any EURO, I'm able to fully train (q4-q3-q3-q4) and use only q7 weps. Farewell!!!"

You have successfully donated 3 Gold. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.
2nd Prize: 2 Gold goes to Tom Tomasic from Croatia for his comment:

"Istina da 'našu sreću stvara ono što jesmo a ne ono što imamo'... Ali ako si ružan i glup onda ti lova poneki put zna donijeti koji trenutak sreće više. Meni fali ta lovica da to kupim, pa sam poslal malu da ode isprazniti kasicu u Hypo na svjetski dan štednje da uči štediti i izbjegne moju sudbinu neimaštine. Dobila je bombon za poklon. Sad je tolko motivirana za štednju da bude štedila sigurno svaku lipu..."

Translation to English: "It's true that 'our happiness is created by what we are and not by what we have'... But if you're ugly and stupid then some more dough can bring you a few more moments of happiness. I'm missing a little bit of cash to buy just that, so I sent my kid to empty her piggy bank in Hypo Bank on World Savings Day to learn how to save money and avoid my fate of living in poverty. She received a candy as a gift. Now she is so motivated to save that she will surely save her every penny..."

You have successfully donated 2 Gold. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.
3rd Prize: 1 Gold goes to gljivac from Croatia for his comment:

"o7! Kupio par golda za rl pare, a ostalo su bili krediti koje je davala banka Ka-Ching..."

Translation to English: "I bought a few gold coins for RL money, and the rest were loans by Ka-Ching Bank..."

You have successfully donated 1 Gold. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

4th Prize: 300 HRK goes to mufekk from Slovenia.
5th Prize: 200 HRK goes to Nicu Maels from Republic of Moldova.
6th Prize: 100 HRK goes to strateg1 from USA.

7th-14th Prizes: 13 Q4 Wep go to:
Vietah (from Belarus),
mvcakir, howdymate (from USA),
dakis4, hajduk s, BjesiSnaga (from Croatia),
Mitzoi (from Republic of Moldova),
Pasok na goustaroume (from Greece).

15th-26th Prizes: 25 Q4 Food go to:
SilverF0X (from Indonesia),
Beloslava681 (from Bulgaria),
Gambino_SSSS, Raziel_Blaze, CHRISTIANE.F (from Serbia),
Edna Uebel (from Germany),
Dubrovnik 1919, Ante Tony, Deny271 (from Croatia),
yanyali (from Turkey),
kronos777 (from Russia),
Yuri_Jivago (from Brazil).

27th-38th Prizes: 33 Q2 Food go to
Josh Whitehead, ElvenCRO (from USA),
OFLU ONUR (from Turkey),
Dilajla007, GrayWolf881, BigMac007, Mare2407, PsYh0tIC (from Croatia),
13.SS (from Bosnia and Herzegovina), (from Bulgaria),
Trogdorthetroll100 (from Switzerland),
BacoST (from Brazil).

39th-49th Prizes: 60 Q1 Food go to:
Publius (from USA),
4 zena, Rebelsy, AlenJax (from Croatia),
Dunja505 (from Serbia),
DoOmHaMmEr (from Philippines),
Thersitis (from Greece),
Caikata (from Bulgaria),
funky_ribar (from Argentina),
bimbox, Tinka Potepinka (from Slovenia).


Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Day 1,810, 02:42

Janko Fran has transfered 3 Gold to your account.

Thank you very much, kinda surprise winning the 1st prize, wish you best !!

hajduk s
hajduk s Day 1,810, 02:46


Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 1,810, 02:49

thank you

jebach u mutnom
jebach u mutnom Day 1,810, 03:10


funky_ribar Day 1,810, 03:21

o7 Day 1,810, 03:43


ElvenCRO Day 1,810, 04:42

thank you o7 !

gljivac Day 1,810, 04:50

juhuuu u novinama sam xd

Yuri_Jivago Day 1,810, 09:07

v o7

Edna Uebel
Edna Uebel Day 1,810, 13:51

ive won \m/

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