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Re-inventing the wheel replies

Day 1,831, 05:33 Published in Pakistan China by dingorider

Previously I posted an article asking people if they were happy with the current president and here are the replies

First of all Policy

I'm not happy with the current President as he doesn't have a clue about the constitution, and his administration is an un-organized mess, with only 10% of his "time" allocated to managing it.

Ali Gtm

Yes I am happy with current president, He is nice person and looking forward for the betterment of ePakistan, He is making a Team and SOP's for the minister so that all the ecitizen have clear view of whats going on. I have seen major activity of government in his presidentship which was missing in past.

Innocent killer

TheJakal is performing a good job,his best point is uniting experienced and capable people in one cabinet...other systems in govt. are also citizen friendly and activity level is rising now. Because there was huge expectations from him,his only critiqueable point is directionless foreign policy. but this is weak point of all previous govts. we are with out clue where we are going,now we are not pro serbia nor pro usa,we are somethng between this,with ll that we have weak relations with other small countries,there is a room for improvement. over all term is satisfactory till now


yes i am happy... though I aint his voter but he is running a good reputation among the others... I am yet to see an action on the 'lost gold' but at least he has kept people updated with stuff as he said he would

Well that's all for now you can still pm me and I'll update the article accordingly.

United we stand, Divided we fall



TheJakal Day 1,831, 05:40

Good feedback.

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,831, 09:22

4 Peoples reviews don't proof any good feedback.
What about the others 504 ePakistani citizens ?

I think you get my point of implication.

Hail TheJakal ; p

Policy Day 1,831, 09:23



dingorider Day 1,831, 09:43

Cluster storms my article got 12 votes yet only 2 people pmed me although next time I will try to get more opinions from other pakistanis

TheJakal Day 1,831, 16:52

@dingorider, I am open to criticism and positive feedback. Cluster Storms is just a bitter person whose upset at the fact that this government is doing things that he couldn't, so keep doing what you want to do and don't get demotivated by people who can't keep up.

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,831, 20:02

TheJakal you say big words, but truly you are not . . . You are not the TheJakal we know previously . . .

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