RareLit6: Voting (Trick or Treat)

Day 2,901, 07:32 Published in USA USA by ResouIa

Good morning America! Its time to vote! And its time for me to figure out how to set up voting for this contest in an article (Since it's previously always been on a forum)! First I'd just like to thank everyone that entered the contest. I received one poem, one short story, two articles, and six six word memoirs. Due to this, the Journalism and Six Word Memoir categories have qualified for voting. Each category winner will win 100 Q7 weapons. Six Word Memoir category has qualified for a runner up-prize as well.

So here's how this is going to work. Every entry will have a bolded letter or number next to it. You can vote for one number AND one letter in the comments. For example,
Vote: A2 (or) Vote: A and 5 (or) Vote: B + 3 (or) Vote: B,4 (Subtract a letter or number if you only wish to vote for one category.)
You get the gist.


A: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/eusa-foreign-policy-in-a-nutshell-2559136/1/20

B: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-jude4prez-not-the-same-ol-same-ol--2559942/1/20

Six Word Memoir

1: Plato: Oops I did it again?

2: Argentina, USA - Rest In Peace, Spain

3: Faltering the man, unyielding his creed

4: High taxes make for painful backs

5: WildOwl has made the game boring

6: I am poor, give me gold.

And now a special halloween treat. All voters may type the phrase, "Trick or Treat" in your comment and half of you will receive a treat! The other half...a trick 😉