RareLit6: Results

Day 2,903, 11:25 Published in USA USA by ResouIa

All tricks and treats have been sent! And all the votes have been tallied up. The results are below! Congratulations to the winners! Your prizes will be sent within the hour!

Voting Article


17 Votes: WINNER Gnilraps 100 Q7 Weapons
A: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/eusa-foreign-policy-in-a-nutshell-2559136/1/20

6 Votes
B: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-jude4prez-not-the-same-ol-same-ol--2559942/1/20

Six Word Memoir

4 Votes
1: Plato: Oops I did it again?

2 Votes
2: Argentina, USA - Rest In Peace, Spain

0 Votes
3: Faltering the man, unyielding his creed

11 Votes: WINNER Carhugar1 100 Q7 Weapons
4: High taxes make for painful backs

1 Vote
5: WildOwl has made the game boring

6 Votes: RUNNER UP Naoto wa josidesu 25 Q7 Weapons
6: I am poor, give me gold.

Thanks for your participation everyone! I hope my next eventual edition gains even more entries than this one! Congratulations again to the winners!