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Day 1,508, 12:29 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

Alright people as you know with the more scary movies coming out, I've decided to make a special. Naxhi's 6 basic rules to survive a horror movie.

1. Have parents that care.
2. Don't date crazy a-holes.
3. If you are stuck with the killer in a house full of people WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS, you should probably yell out for there help!
4. Don't count on police and investigated reporters since they suck ass at there job.
5. If you knock the killer off his feet cause he's wearing a stupid mask with horrible vision, you have the upper hand! Don't just keep running, TAKE THAT SUCKER OUT, kick him in the throat, he's gonna kill you!
6. Star 69 and 911 are great phone numbers.

Also here are some special tips for surviving.
If the killer is living the water, good idea NOT to go swimming.
If the killer is living in the graveyard, don't go there to hang out.
If the killer is living in a haunted house, no matter how much you are dared, don't go inside!
And if the killer is living in your dreams.... Well if that happens, your just screwed.

So even though this might not happen, in case of the possible, listen to these tips and you won't get killed!

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prettypanda Day 1,508, 17:50

Don't points 4 and 6 contradict each other?

Valentyme Day 1,509, 10:58

1. Don't be black
2. Don't be the dumb sexy chick
3. Don't try to be a hero

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