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Raleigh Treaty- A lasting alliance with eIreland

Day 426, 08:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Spite313
The Raleigh Treaty

The Raleigh treaty (latest version ) is a treaty of mutual military, diplomatic and economic co-operation between the eUK and eIreland. Continuing on from previous good relations, the Raleigh treaty enables UK and Irish citizens to work together.

Military outcomes

The military outcomes of the treaty are:

Non-Aggression pact: Neither the UK nor Ireland will go to war with the other whilst the treaty is in place.
Mutual Protection Pact: Both countries will protect the other from aggression (war or resistance war) even if doing so violates another alliance.

Economic outcomes

The economic outcomes of the treaty are:

Free trade agreement: Both countries shall engage in what is in effect a customs union, with occupants of both countries free to open businesses in both countries. Governments shall not issue trade embargoes against each other or attempt to influence General Managers to cease trade (in other words a de facto embargo).

Neither country will give economic aid to an enemy of the other.

Diplomatic outcomes

The diplomatic outcomes of the treaty are:

Sovereignty: Both countries respect one anothers sovereignty, meaning no sneaky coups, attempts to influence each other's politicians or claims to ownership of regions.

Sharing of information: In peacetime both countries legislative chambers will share information.


This treaty makes official the strong alliance between the eUK and eIreland. I published this summary for the benefit of those players who are interested in the international relations of the eUK but who don't use or access the Politics section of the forums. The treaty went through much debate in the Commons, but was still edited and returned by the House of Lords due to ambiguous wording in the trade sections. Some Lords were worried that the section was just too fluffy and should contain a definitive condemnation of inter-state embargoes, which is now included.

The first draft included a 24 hour warning of a declaration of war on a third party, but was dismissed (rightly in my opinion) as an infringement on state sovereignty.

Good quotes from the debate:

Anyone who disagrees with this proposal based purely on the fact that we don't gain any material wealth or military support do not deserve to be in Congress.- Squiddy

the Irish MoFA is kind of angry right now. He really doesn't want to keep renegotiating it. He thinks our politicians are whiney and nitpicky. And I'd agree with him.- Intrepid132

the Irish are pissed.- Malta_1990
Nothing new then?- Final Destiny


1nterestingch4racter Day 426, 08:44

OK, any info from the public about what it contains?

Spite313 Day 426, 08:46

Sorry- it's a long and detailed article, but eRep isn't publishing! Watch this space!

Final Destiny
Final Destiny Day 426, 08:46

*pulls up a chair*

malta_1990 Day 426, 08:53

Iain, hang on till it passes through HoL. Should pass by tomorrow morning.

could you get a treaty hall on the forums again?

Spite313 Day 426, 08:56

Sorted- at last. Stupid italics messing up.

I know what you're saying Malta, but the majority of Lords are in favour of the treaty except for the clause (now changed) mentioned, so the next however many hours are just a formality really! I'll edit it if (please no) it goes back again.

intrepid132 Day 426, 10:41

Lol It had better not. BTW, I love that quote of me.

goooot101 Day 426, 11:40

i think we should alsom have this treaty with america and the rest of atlantis to keep it strong

mbem Day 426, 14:56

i think it didn't relate to atlantis. it just about our treaty with eIreland

Spite313 Day 426, 15:10

Yes, this treaty is a personal union with Ireland- it is deeper than the Atlantis treaty agreement which is only a military pact.

Squiddy Day 428, 02:48

I'm glad this is finally going to pass, it took a long time to get it up to standards everyone was happy with.

This little project was actually started roughly around half way through my term as MoFA, (last month), so it's good to see it in it's final form now.

intrepid132 Day 433, 12:49

You know what's really sad? This is the only official thing I finished in my half term as official MoFA.

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