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Question time with the Taoiseach

Day 949, 02:16 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

First I would like to say congratulations to everyone who got elected to congress and I am looking forward to working with you. A lot has been going on recently so I decided to answer some questions on it from the public:

Patty for Shannon asks:
“What is going on with declaring war against Canada, I thought they were our friends”

Correct Patty, the Canadians are our friends and are helping us. We are working with the Poles and the US to rent a region in North America. I do not want to state which region publicly yet for bussiness reasons but we will be there soon. We are renting it at a great price. It will be the first high resorse region for Ireland and too my knowledge the first time a small country has actually rented a region. It will bring us more citizens and wealth. The down side for us, in this whole plan is a rule called “friend of a friend” which dropped all out MPP. It leaves us more attractive to attack in the small window till all this gets done. Next Question.

Feilum for Offaly asks:
“so what was the reason for this big war in Scotland, was this why you would put Scotland as a national goal?”

The polish who are the richest and biggest nation in the game are also planning on renting in North America. They were in Norway already and had to “cut through” Scotland to get to North America. It was a big battle because it was one country against the UK and 11 others. We supplied the IDF and sent soldiers to support it. Congrats to yddub and Grainne who ranking in the top 100 for battle damage. I would love to take credit for being that smart when I set my national goals, that this is how we would have been involved in freeing our Celtic brothers. But I have to admit I am not that clever.

Shamus from Dublin asks:
“So if the plan is to go region swap to a new region why are we getting our butts kicked by the Canadians and there MPP’s today”

Well there was about an inch of dust on the Irish attack button last night but we eventually found it. The problem was there was a bug and the Canadians could not retreat. Irish are blessed with bad luck when it comes to war and Canadians must not like to retreat. Tickets were sent in made high priority. Not much more can be done till bug is fixed. When it gets fixed expect some very quick battles lasing a minute or two. We will try to move quickly Thanks for question Shamus, Next.

Joe from Dungannon wants to Know:
“ what is going on with the UK attacking us, I thought we were starting to become better friends?”

Yes, Joe we do have a more sensible government in the UK now. But they are members of an alliance called phoenix and that group of countries does not want Poland to get a high resource area. They will attack us to try to bloc it. The UK are sort of pawns in this whole thing. I am not going to put out any “evil UK articles to try to stir up Nationalism” They got to do what they got to do, we will do what we got to do. In the longer term we are going to have to find ways to co-exist so I am not encouraging any “hate the UK trolling”. Some of there leaders have done that but not all, let them sink to that level.

Mick from Limerick asks:
“ How many of our guns should we get out when the UK attacks”

The IDF will be handing out weapons but I would ask all everyone not to go mad and spend every bit of you own gold tiring to stop the English. Fight 5 times with the highest guns you can afford, then heal. We will supply and fund our best soldiers to defend us if we need to. The UK will not and can not take any Irish region.

Shaun in Dundalk wants to know:
“What about the North, is there any way we can spin this that we get it”

Simple answer is absolutely not. We looked at that in beginning and it is not possible. We are in a defensive position right now and attacking an enemy who is 77 times stronger then us will not work under any situation.

Mary from Mayo asks:
“ So let me get this straight MOO, you are not panicking about the UK going to invade us, what is your plan!!!”

Mary the cabinet has had a lot of time to plan this and we knew the UK attacking was a possibility. We proposed two MPP last night that are being voted on. They are with Peru and Finland. We would like to thank the citizens of these countries and there leaders for supporting us. The Finish president Ollizu is “looking forward to helping us“. Peru did massive damage in the battle for Scotland. The reason for these two countries is they did not have existing MPP with any of the countries we will be fighting and land swapping with. We got these MPP’s for free. In addition to this we have commitments from our friends to supply mobile forces to Ireland to help defend us if we need it, it is in there interest. Lastly we contacted or were contacted by a lot of countries offering support. All the help we have given others will come back to help us and there is apparently a lot of countries that do not like the UK and would be glad to fight them.

We have had war council meetings and all the minister are doing a great job and spending long hours working for our country. We have established communication channels and are working together to see us through the next week or so till we get our MPP back.

Darragh form Ballyjamesduff asks:
“I am a Cavan man, talk money too me, what is all this non sense costing us.”

I spent a little time in the fields of Cavan too. Our rich uncles, the polish are paying the bills. We are hanging on there coat tails and getting a free ride to the other side of the world. Deals like this do not come along very often for small countries. Ariakis, the polish CP and his team have been generous and great to work with. So I would like to thank them along with our American and Canadian friends.

Follow up question from Cavan man:
“How are we going to pay the monthly rent and keep region if RW start”

Not going to lie to you it will be difficult to break even on the rent. But we have scheduled a meeting of Irelands best business leaders and we have a preliminary plan. I have said this before, we are a country of farmers there were not blessed with the best farm land. Now that we have it we will figure out a way to make it work. In V2 grain will be a lot more valuable so this is a long term adventure. As for resistance wars we will have to move a lot of our population to our new region to make it costly to start a resistance war. We have a hospital in reserve, and one being built now to support everyone there. We will also get support from friends if this happens.

No more questions for now. When more news breaks I will put out an article. In closing there is a lot going on but we can not drop the ball on other things, I told Celtic Tiger that the baby boom project is our number one priority, so please give him your full support. Keep an eye out for shouts and DoD orders on where to fight. If anyone has any questions find me on IRC or send me a pm.



Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 949, 02:27

Well, I hope that answers some questions... 🙂

Great job in wrangling this, Moo. I hope all goes well in the future, but let's keep an eye on the eUK...

Dylanb9216 Day 949, 02:27


Heindrich Gruber
Heindrich Gruber Day 949, 02:32

Good for us. I hope it is a good region we get.

CelticTiger211 Day 949, 02:49

Gotta admire them Poles, they just bulldosed right through Scotland.
Things are gonna get pretty exciting soon.
Nice update Moo!

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 949, 03:08

Well, y'know I had some reservations on this Moo, but once in, let's just kick some a** and pray to the Morrigan to suck the enemy corpses dry.
Thx for acknowledging myself and Yddub, was fun, and a pity we weren't richer. Lotta Polish tanks in there ahead of us, but still we Irish can more than stand up for ourselves when we're in a rumblin' mood.
I like this article, I like your answers. Not everything in e-life can be perfectly planned, but to take opportunities when they present themselves, swallow a poitin and just f***kin GO FOR IT feels good.
Respect Sir, whatever the outcome.
Re the retreat bug, I'll do some Celtic Magic tonight (lol!) in the desperate hope that the ticket is dusted off before Monday. But it is what it is, and we'll adapt.
Only thing I'm still "hmmm" about is that going for NI in the middle of all this is a NO.
*giggles evilly*
And re "But I have to admit I am not that clever." ?
You are too modest 😉
o7 Boss
and a o7 and a big big 😘 to 21's.
Love ya, honeyz.

orangejuicemmm Day 949, 03:36

"Darragh form Ballyjamesduff asks:
“I am a Cavan man, talk money what is all this non sense costing us.”" My Dad is from cavan, This is disgraceful...REPORT!!!!!!!!!! but seriously, they are cheap bastards 😛

T1nk3r Day 949, 03:49

Scotland.. I was there 😃

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 949, 04:47

great job moo, it is a great plesure being your MOFA this term,

Citizen woods
Citizen woods Day 949, 04:48


addman619 Day 949, 05:08


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 949, 05:12

Typical Cavanmen. Can only think about money! 😃
Are these real questions? Or did you make them up?

Now to actually react to article: I think this is amazing. This is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to us, even more exciting than NI a few months ago.
<a href="">[..]iQCo</a>
It'll be incredible for a country our size to have our own Karnataka! 🙂
This is quite monumental in fairness. Fair play to the Poles for making it happen. They're paying us back for all the jobs we gave them in RL! 🙂

Bren Reggy
Bren Reggy Day 949, 05:29

now i feel stupid for shouting/asking the reasons why.


Waruda Day 949, 05:29

Maple Syrup anyone 😉

Great Morning read here Mr. Taoiseach

Paschoall Day 949, 06:24

I loved this structure of articles moomoo.
Very informative 🙂

Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 949, 06:43

As always, Moo, you have my respect and admiration. 🙂 Taking the opportunities as they come and pushing forward without fear. Yes! Me likey!

As for razzing the UK..... *sigh* I will try to restrain myself a little. You can't expect me NOT to have a little fun at their expense.

Oply1389 Day 949, 18:08

Comment deleted

Green Desert Day 950, 12:56

Comment deleted

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