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Question Time: Episode 4

Day 1,882, 01:40 Published in Australia Australia by Callumh123

Question Time Episode 4 will go live day 1,877 at 10pm AEDT or 03:00 eRT.

Join the panel as we delve into contentious issues such as new player development, Defence, Aus-Indo Relations etc..

If you are interested in joining us tonight please message me or query me at Callumh123 erep and rizon.

The link to the show tomorrow is here.

We are looking into other podcasts and would love to see people wanting to assist in either the production of a podcast or actually be on the podcast as a voice.

So if you are interested in being a part of the production of the podcast and like getting paid in gold please make sure you message me.




Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,882, 13:04

Great effort again, and I appreciate the discussion of Education.

But please why did you overlook Centrelink? Restarting this will only work if people support it. Plus Arcaian has written many new articles. There are on the DHS website - you could help promote that too.

The basic info of what to do is synthesized in the article that is in the first steps section - you know how overwhelming it is to read article after article. I don't know if you cut and paste idea is as valuable as you think.

Are you reading what is going on? We can use support not just criticism. If you had read the Centrelink article you would realize that I was encouraging the idea you talked about in friend-ing new players!

witherd1 Day 1,883, 01:51

I really like you Vyrin 🙂

tafrihi Day 1,883, 09:11

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