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Qualifiers for Euro 2012 so far

Day 1,418, 01:14 Published in Belgium Belgium by Cooke4444
One more game coming up,who's already qualified and which countries are still in the running?

Belgium vs. Turkey

Germany won all of their games yet, so a relative easy group stage for them. One game remaining and Belgium faces Germany, while their opponents Turkey will receive Azerbeidzjan. Belgium will probably have to hope for a disaster for Turkey, because Germany wants to win all of their games. Only a defeat of Turkey or a win against Germany, will be enough for their one point lead.

Russia probably sure, battle for second

As Russia only has to play against Andorra (0 points so far), the main game will be Ireland-Armenia. Armenia has to win to get into play-offs for Euro 2012. Ireland won their previous game with 0-1.

Serbia needs one point for play-offs

Italy has a clear lead, but Serbia will at least have to draw against Slovenia. Estonia has completed their campaign with a one point lead against Serbia, but has played weaker than Serbia in their 2 games against eachother.

Top match in group D

Bosnia-Hercegovina needs a win in France for a direct qualification. The two teams are sure of moving a round forward, but which round will it be? Play-offs or a hot seat until Poland/Ukraine? France defeated Bosnia-Hercegovina in their previous game with 0-2.

No more fun

With only one more game to go, Holland can concentrate at Euro 2012, while Sweden has to go to the play-offs. Hungary can come at the same height as Sweden, but in their confrontations, Sweden was better.

Croatia hopes for a magnificent Georgia.

Greece has a two point lead on Croatia so they will have to lose against Georgia and Croatia needs a win against Latvia if the positions will change in the group. Greece hopes for a surprise in the championship, just like Euro 2004 in Portugal.

England to Euro 2012, Montenegro play-offs

No more challenges in group G, where the most interesting games were the ones where England faced Wales. England won twice, leaving Wales with another not-qualification for a European Championship.

Fun, fun, fun

Denmark vs. Portugal is maybe the game to watch Tuesday. Both on equal points, Portugal has the advantage. Denmark hopes to repeat Euro 1992, where they won the championship in Spain in a final against Germany.

Chance for Scotland?

Today one game takes place: Liechtenstein-Scotland. Guess the expectations yourself. In case Scotland wins, they have one point on the Czech Republic. But Scotland has to play table leader Spain, who are already sure of Euro 2012, while Czech republic has to play against Lithuania. Probably in England they are hoping for a qualification for Scotland, so there will be a chance for the most classic football game in history.


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