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Day 1,786, 15:00 Published in USA USA by Twon2012

The economy still sucks and it isn't getting fixed. I believe that it is the fault of the Q7 items. Once they came that was the top and it spread the spending over a larger portion of items. It made people want those items because they did more and heal more, but I think they did more than just that. Once they were introduced the economy started to fall, people payed for gold and gold became dang near useless. In doing so money had less worth because money=gold and gold=higher factory like the Q7. Once this happened they were left out of money and had to lay off workers for a time then there became more demand in jobs which took away many of the jobs off the job market list. Then when all of the people's money went to q7 items and not to anything else people who had other factories could not make the money that they used therefor if they had workers they could not pay as much. The Q7 owners then made plenty of money off the things they sold but found out that many could not be self productive and had to spend a lot of their money that they earned to pay for raw material. With that happening they could not pay as much and the benefits of the Q7 was more to the buyer not the seller. With the top suffering and the middle and bottom suffering because of the introduction to the top (Q7) workers got hurt even more because no one was making money and since gold plummeted around $1,000 people could no longer sell their gold to get a descent amount of money. With no one getting money for their jobs and not getting a lot of money from selling gold or selling their products they turned to making more products. Making more products led to over production which in simple supply and demand led to even lower prices and now Q7 is at $24.8 and Q1 suffers at $0.96 (weapons). So I firmly believe that Q7 led to the downfall of the world and it will never fully recover unless we stop buying them or it is taken out of the game it was too big of an introduction and many people should know changing things to something that works if the change is big enough then it can destroy the current situation. So is the AFA the future for eUSA maybe but ending the Q7 buying is the future of the world.



Jetsmets Day 1,786, 15:09

What makes you think that the AFA had anything to do with getting us into war? Every AFA congress member is censured from the Private Congressional Proceedings, which is where decisions about war, MPPs, and other law changes are made so they had 0 input on the decision to go to war. We went to war with FYROM because Mexico got all of its regions back.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,786, 15:25

Dude hanging onto those Mexican regions was pointless, we can get those bonuses back and if we can maintain good relations with Mexico we can get them back without having to waste a bunch of damage in Mexican resistance wars all the time. Not having to deal with Mexico also allows us to focus on cooler stuff like fighting FYROM anyway. Also you can say it was pointless but the eUSA has dropped a lot of population because of losing bonuses which is a good thing in our siituation.

Twon2012 Day 1,786, 15:31

I deleted that part because this was suppose to be a financial article, but I still do not see the point in giving away territories for no reason because at what point will we do the same with FYROM, its a slippery slope because it starts with Mexico and ends with giving every place we have up and just being 50 states which is boring for a game.

Jetsmets Day 1,786, 16:03

We gave up regions in Mexico because of the AFA. Less regions=less potential PTO candidates. Also, if we win 3 more battles vs. FYROM we will be back at 100/100 bonuses.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,786, 16:11

Twon if the AFA is only looking out for America then why have they
1. launched rogue impeachments, that is launching an impeachment without debating it in the congress forum first.
2. Launched proposals to block the transfer of funds costing the U.S. hundreds of thousands of dollars.
3. launched rogue (again without debating it in congress) Natural enemy proposals against allies of the US in attempts to weaken our war effort against FYROM.

I look forward to your reply.

Twon2012 Day 1,786, 17:35

Why would AFA have plenty of support and your party not so much I believe that hating on the AFA is simply because parties fear that they are being over taken from another party which kicks them out of the top 5. We should not fear people from other countries its ignorant.

Jetsmets Day 1,786, 19:24

The AFA only has support from small parties that either they created or bought out. Any respectable party would never endorse any AFA candidates. We aren't automatically afraid of people from other countries but the AFA is mostly made of people from Serbia, Bulgaria, or Hungary. All of these countries have always been enemies of the eUS and have even helped in wiping us a while back.

Twon2012 Day 1,786, 19:57

Just odd how other top five parties fear the AFA and if you have an issue with the AFA its easier to try to take it over rather than talk down and against them because that hasn't worked and won't work. Plus they are doing much better and grew massive over a few days and I was a part of the We the People party yeah that went well every party has to hate on the other and things will never change but with majority from the AFA things are more likely to change for the better.

prostokreten Day 1,786, 23:22


Simulare Day 1,787, 13:31

"Twon if the AFA is only looking out for America then why have they
1. launched rogue impeachments, that is launching an impeachment without debating it in the congress forum first."


"Every AFA congress member is censured from the Private Congressional Proceedings, which is where decisions about war, MPPs, and other law changes are made"

Can you blame them for being dicks when you're keeping them locked out of the party?

Twon2012 Day 1,787, 14:41

Only time will tell who is right, so please focus on the economic part of the article.

Jetsmets Day 1,787, 18:30

@mccvii If they followed the rules they wouldn't be kicked out. They didn't follow the rules so the AFA got censured.

As for the economic part it is 100% correct. I love this article.

Thedillpickl Day 1,787, 19:31

😛 Try the fact that admins made it too easy for n00bs to get businesses and the market is flooded with BS because everyone has a Q1 or Q2 something. The only reason the econ is failing is because admin turned off the buy bots and you guys are floundering in overproduction. Try using what you make and don't try to sell it, then the price will come up if there is demand.
Oh wait, everyone makes crap. There is no demand. 😃:D

Colonel W Kurac
Colonel W Kurac Day 1,787, 19:44

Q7 = Very fucking bad

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