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Puzzles contest DQ 27

Day 1,823, 08:29 Published in India India by deadlydisaster
( Special thanks to my friend Uv Ajed who game me gold to start the news paper as i was broke )

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contest closed .
next contest will be hosted by citizenneel.

my exams are ongoing so cant host any more contest will be hosting again as soon my exams are over

3 Puzzles of day





Explanation:The value at each corner of the diagram equals the difference between the sums of the numerical values of the letters in the boxes adjacent to the corner.

Answer:7 (any suit)

Explanation:Taking the value of Aces as 1 and all court cards as 10, In each column of the diagram, the value of the sum of the 3 cards is always 21.

Answer:To the 4

Explanation:Start with the top left clockface, and move around the others in a clockwise direction. The value pointed to by the hour hand equals the value pointed to by the minute hand, subtracting 4 for the first clockface, 5 for the next, then 6 etc.

Send answers to me with explanation. One entry per use per contest

pls make the subject of message as follows

"puzzle +DQ no + date of puzzle"

answer should be in format like

1) choice =
explanation :-
2) choice =
explanation :-
3) choice =
explanation :-


contest will be open till midnight of next day of publication (IST)

wining amount is 50 Inr each user (thanks sponsors)
20 inr each for partial correct answers (at least 2 correct)

Each participant who cant get any answer right will get 10 q2 food

List of winners

Dinesh Raju

contest closed

more list will be published here each day after 11pm or next day if any problem arises

Thanks sponsors
1) Wild Quark + citizeneel

2) MoMC

4) Brkwnsword (food sponsor)

PS :- more sponsors needed for more contests



deadlydisaster Day 1,823, 08:30

new contest is here vote subscribe spread the word

make it big 🙂

also leave your comments and suggestions

Aditya Bothra
Aditya Bothra Day 1,823, 09:08

Please publish the answers also with next puzzle
and also publish the last puzzle's answer... we are couldn't solve 🙂

deadlydisaster Day 1,823, 09:16

dude check the previous articles

all winners and answers are published

Kursis Kurenas
Kursis Kurenas Day 1,823, 10:22


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