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Putting the Sexy into Dyslexic

Day 1,896, 11:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CptChazbeard.

[Edit] Part of the article removed



Madacaion Day 1,896, 12:10


Blown away.

klop123 Day 1,896, 12:16


Irv Noyb
Irv Noyb Day 1,896, 12:22

You know what's worse? I'd still sooner vote for you in the next elections xD

Spite313 Day 1,896, 12:33

Absolute genius

Oblige Day 1,896, 12:38

Wow. Voted hard.

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,896, 12:45

This is certainly a most convincing manifesto, and you are truly a magnificent candidate.

Now can you take the gun away from my head please.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 1,896, 12:51

Oh my god, pure f*cking genius!!!

FreeEnough Day 1,896, 12:54

That's why 1984 is English)
Great article, though

lancer450 Day 1,896, 12:58

Wow. Amazing.

General Slim
General Slim Day 1,896, 13:03

CptChazbeard 4 CP!

FreeEnough Day 1,896, 13:17

Well, Zaphod, you're not the one to tell us who we are, are you?

dimzaaa Day 1,896, 13:38

А где је печат?

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,896, 13:47


Teppishc Day 1,896, 13:53

11 out of 10. magnificently silly

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,896, 13:55

Vote Chaz for CP, what's the worst that could happen?

Horice \o

Just Another Fool
Just Another Fool Day 1,896, 13:58

You have my vote sir

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,896, 14:03

Amazing article.


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,896, 14:05

I stand ready to wear waistcoats

Sambo112 Day 1,896, 14:17

'If we end up getting wiped we will simply look at a picture of the world map from before being wiped and ignore the media.'


also I will happily sign the bill to change nick's name to Sir Fluffy McBunnykins, cos he'd love it 😛

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,896, 14:20

10/10 would bang

Sambo112 Day 1,896, 14:21

also I think i've almost killed myself from laughing too hard

Rfeist Day 1,896, 14:25

Nice article as always, made me chuckle

On Guard!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,896, 14:54


WayneKerr Day 1,896, 15:04

I stand ready to serve o7

Invalidation Day 1,896, 15:40

This is just too good for eRep

Ullok Day 1,896, 15:41

Can I just butt in and say this is the first time I've appeared on television?

Belgerander Day 1,896, 15:58

This is why I read the media. Brilliant.

Arthur Coull
Arthur Coull Day 1,896, 16:06

I love you man. o7

GameChanger Day 1,896, 16:19

This is one the first times i've actually laughed out loud at something on the internet.



AlexLloyd Day 1,896, 16:21

I wish to see these insightful graphs appearing in future articles... You have my vote.

alexg737 Day 1,896, 16:22

Genuinely made me chuckle... And that's saying a lot for a Spamican's article.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,896, 17:32

Prince approves

eAnalyzer Lobe
eAnalyzer Lobe Day 1,897, 23:52


Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Day 1,897, 01:04

You have my vote! 🙂

Alphabethis Day 1,897, 09:29

I have to improve this.

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 1,897, 10:48

A manifesto was published
to all those awaiting
A brilliant manifesto
one with a great rating
And it was a vote-winner
for it promised much mating
And the trolls went crazy
no longer masturbating.

Buttjam ran scared
but not that it mattered.
For I will be Poet Laureate,
No matter the winner.


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,897, 14:26

Great stuff! : )

Zianni Vaatez
Zianni Vaatez Day 1,897, 16:15

It would be hilarious if he actually gambled away the entire treasury.

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,897, 16:43

v115 and I agree with Irv Noyb (3rd post). I'd rather vote for you than all those 'sensible' propositions.

GameChanger Day 1,897, 18:46

We all know that the best solution to failure is to try the same thing again, but with more money at stake

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 1,898, 05:25

Voted for Great Justice

helpmeslack Day 1,898, 07:10

whens the bidding for 2nd Hand Keers? : 3

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,898, 09:43

wouldn't it be 'Spamish Inquisition'?

LongShotzZ Day 1,898, 10:09


Aces man
Aces man Day 1,936, 16:45

Excellent article!

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