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Day 1,788, 08:53 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

We have a problem in South Africa, a Turkish problem.

There is a large group of Turks who is in the country and in the RISE party. They have been accused of PTO. Leon and Ejdatful, the most outspoken of the two, have also been called less-than savory names as well. (A lot by myself.)

This isn't right, since they've been here, they've simply been outspoken, and no crime past that. I'll continue to argue with them as players, but no more personal attacks. Arguing is a part of the game. I argue with Mulderpf all the time, and Al Kazar. Seisan has been more outspoken towards me as well (lately) I became a part of the "Bully the Turk" squad and I'm sorry.

A recap since they've been here.(Mostly Leon and Ejdatful)
-Played a couple months
-Had no questionable congress wins
-Let in 0 citizens illegally (Doomhammer came in via Ostdeustche, which was a product of another player)
-Continued to serve in congress legitimately
-Got overly offended by Tenshibo, got him banned.
-Got even more pissed when Tenshibo came BACK to the forums.
-Grew with aggression as more players accused them of PTO and blatantly attacked them.
-Finally grew to the tipping point and voted to impeach a CP that they thought was not serving their needs.

To be honest, there's nothing wrong with any of this stuff. Other than that there's a little too much "thin skin" involved. But they shouldn't have had to deal with name-calling in the first place, as they are players too, who have continued to follow procedure and done nothing illegal.

There are those who have had to directly deal with Leon and Ejdatfalafel (which is a funny name and not a personal attack of any kind, so get over that one) and those that have can keep their opinions of them. But I have only dealt with them on a public spectrum and for my actions I am sorry.

You are valuable, strong members of society and I have wronged you.

Thanks You for hearing this,

Claudio Kilgannon



atrawall Day 1,788, 08:57

In keeping with the spirit of the article, please do not make personal attacks in the comments. If you disagree, feel free to voice your thoughts in a non-offensive manner. If things get bad, I'll delete the article.

Wilpanzer Day 1,788, 10:01

Let me say two things:
Firstly: cool article
Secondly: you can go to every nation and they'll be suspicious of you. What about Dule? He was seen as a PTO'er for a long time. In any situation a new citizen will have to prove himself and defect all the attacks of personal threats. It takes time to build trust and it's a general attitude in eSA to be offensive towards "foreigners" at least for the first 3 weeks, until MoS officially clears them.

Wilpanzer Day 1,788, 10:04

now for prolonged periods of time it's harder and they were recently a considerable number. It's just eSA being eSA, we don't like unfamiliar circumstances. Forgive and forget.

Wacky368 Day 1,788, 11:14


SM333ZA Day 1,788, 11:55

every nation has there groups and cultures - why should eSA be any different? I know a lot of players from other countries actively involved in the countries politics and happy to be doing so 😉

nice to see the sensible logic and the olive branch here claudio -

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,788, 12:56

What a great words. We can argue about everything with everyone. But insulting and personal attacks, these are problems. Thank you.

Ejdatful Day 1,788, 13:49

Where is my little Tenshibo? I'm waiting for his comment.

Away From Keyboard
Away From Keyboard Day 1,788, 13:50

That's the solidarity of people. Thank you Claudio.

Ejdatful Day 1,788, 13:50

Btw thanks NRL. Voted !

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,788, 14:56

Yeah, forum discussion was below any normal level of communication, too abusive from both sides.

kuckuck Day 1,788, 17:57

Well said, V!

Yesteryear Day 1,789, 00:24

Nice article, it takes a man to admit his mistakes

Nickerball Day 1,789, 01:17

Like hubby says, it takes a man to apologize in public.

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Day 1,789, 03:22

Strong men also cry Mr. Lebowski. Strong men...also cry.

Rexdeus Day 1,789, 12:51


atrawall Day 1,789, 13:41

The Chinaman pissed on my rug!

kiwifire1 Day 1,789, 15:21


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