ptoers what's that ? About the revolution.

Day 2,780, 21:40 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

Those last months with the dictatorship, ebelgium had the peace, it's was cool.
That removed articles of propaganda from Ptoers, it was good times. No rogue proposals.

Now like you know, Black panther II with a lot of players with a good str and some eSerbians
(of course they are always to put troubles in little countries) were just in the side to remove the dictatorship.

In fact, we knew the influence on the battle 8,64 % was very bad for our side.
It was impossible to win this battle.
Except if Black panther II just kept some friends and closed the mu, all would be perfect.
He made the bad choice for that ! Congrats guy : is eChile proud of you?

We know that's a game, and we will find others solutions to have this peace again !

We lost a battle but we will stay strong for our little country who deserves to exist.

The problem here, ptoer's found a good moment "tournament" and paid a player who wanted to be famous.
During a tournament, of course, you have players who run so fast just for rewards and it is normal.

I removed black panther II sure two times from my friendlist (it's normal), he is like a child who runs after his ball and helped Ptoers to be again in our country. So many years to try to remove them.

I removed few players i met in the past but now with victories, they changed so much.
Not because they fought to have easier tokens and BH, just because they forgot their past when they were in a weak country, so many time wiped and they shared so proudly their BH medals.
They made the game of ptoers. They lost their integrity

About ptoers :

Who is this guy ?
A croatian proud person who is never positive. He makes a lot of critics about "elite" citizens of this country.
We know others are from eSerbia and some eCroatia sure.
He forgot -) those "elites" citizens are active to keep this country alive.

ø You can find the big part of ptoers in this party ø (i didn't put the second party)

They are never active in the country or maybe rogue proposals, they make their propaganda
Their party and their army are a CeMeTeRy.
Those ghosts are just alive when it's time of elections.
A lot are eDead, Admins don't remove them and they stay in the top 5 of parties for elections.
They are good in their propaganda : they claim always the freedom, and you can see a lot of comrades, bla bla bla... They pay to have votes in the press.

A new player in the game : boum
They gave a lot of messages... we are good persons (sure for lies).
But who take care about the country when we are in wars, when we must make mpp's, when we have AS ?
Not those ptoers, those parasites in the game.
Clearly, i was searching a definition but a picture is enough.

Their goal : clearly put troubles in a country, and make the propaganda like you can see in this article :
page of all proposals since they removed our dictatorship

New players or new citizen of ebelgium, take care about their beautiful speechs, don't be this kind of persons, don't play their game.

In their Army (not in this moment with the tournament) but from the first page, you clearly see the list of others ptoers : 2th regiment 3 th regiment, 4 th regiment

I was in the Mu to check a little, just 5 players are active, all others never fought since ONE YEAR !.

My question now, what are they doing during one year ?
Don't say me : they are just making two clicks, right ?
They have another account sure.

I will make analysis later about their activities.
Then it's more like that :

Clearly several gamers have another account, but with another adress IP, they are not banned. It's the game.

Why we have ptoers ? Simply because they are bored in their original country, they are nobody there, and they want to put troubles in little countries.

They want to be famous, they don't care if they make bad things... they just want to be a star.

Sure if you ask to a croatian lvl 36 to be president, or to be in congress.
he must work hard, a ptoer is a lazy person, who doesn't want make effort to deserve a place in a country.

My words for you dear ebelgians who are fighting hard to keep our little country alive :

Thanks to all dictators who were elected during this time of peace in our country for their good job.

- they removed our dictatorship during a tournament (to have more opportunist players) ok.
We removed this bad influence (i'm not sure now), it's just the positive point.

- you can give citizenship to good persons who will help us to remove again those parasites. Like the past we will stay strong and we will continue our work for our eCountry.

- We had 4 AS,one NE (who became a TW after some discussions), we lost some friends who are going pro-Asteria but we will survive.

Now about the tournament : Sure i hope you had good rewards. Have fun !
I thought it was more a pleasure for new players, but i saw some gamers like crazy guys...

Have fun and enjoy your rewards !