PTO in South Africa; Time for War Australia

Day 837, 16:04 Published in Australia Australia by Aeros

The Chans have struck again, and have successfully occupied the South African Government. In a statement published in the South African media, they have declared victory over South Africa's anti-PTO efforts and all but assured the people they intend to surrender the country to Brazil. I must commend them for another epic PTO, they are definitely good at it. Even so, despite what they may think, they are just another part of what makes this game interesting and have found their own little niche in the grand scheme of things, if a bit unconventionally.

For the time being, it seems almighty Admin has given the eWorld a reprieve by temporarily suspending the new South African President. In truth, unless it can be proven the Chans used bots and sock puppets to take over the South African Presidency and Congress, its unlikely that Admin will leave the current President permanently suspended. And more to the point, even I don’t think he should be Permanently suspended if the Presidency was won using legal means. No matter how reprehensible and annoying the actions may be, they are a fact of life and honestly make this game more interesting. This now brings us to what can and must be done.

The new Government of South Africa has all but admitted it manipulated the EDEN Alliance for the purposes of aiding in this PTO. They have now stated that they intend to surrender the country to Brazil, a major Phoenix power that EDEN has just invested considerable resources in kicking out of South Africa. And need I remind everyone that the last time Brazil used South African regions, they launched a massive invasion of Australia that saw half the country get overrun. This is not just an issue of the South African Regime manipulating the EDEN Alliance and the United States in particular. The Regime in Pretoria is preparing to orchestrate an action that will once again put Australia at risk of invasion.

To that end, the EDEN Alliance must strike first, or risk the Brazilians in conjunction with the Chan Government of South Africa completely taking over the county and putting an EDEN member state at risk. Australia must declare war on South Africa and depose the current Government by force of Arms, and do so with the full backing of the EDEN Alliance. To sit idly by and pray to the almighty admin to save you would carry with it too much risk and wishful thinking.