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Day 1,872, 14:24 Published in Belgium Belgium by Aries Sun

This was supposed to be my presentation and it`s meant to support my presidential candidature. But after lot of thinking and giving thought to it, I’ve decided not to present you with my program as I know and I am sure I don’t have any real chance to win this election tomorrow, so I think there’s no use of making one this time. I’ll do it another time maybe, if I ever get another chance. I’ll rather concentrate and write few words about this incredible political terror we are facing and it`s happening here in eBelgium.

Since the first day I joined eBelgium (some 3 months ago) and started to play and I am part of this community, I am listening and reading on a daily basis all sort of accusations and assumptions about possible and supposed PTO (Political Take Over) treat here in eBelgium organized by my fellow comrades MU commander Vincent Pain and my party president AVegan. I have my doubts about it.

So what’s the reality and where does paranoia begins?

The reality says:

eBelgium is ruled by the authoritarian majority controlled by Res Belgica and their satellites ATO (All TOgethers) and Netherlands BE Back (ex-BOL). They’ve gained together 81 votes in December (87 votes in November) at last Congress elections; giving them right to have 21 seats in Congress in December (20 seats in Congress in November). It was interesting to see how their members have been moving all round from one party to another at the time of elections.

All the rest of eBelgium political parties including: H.O.P.E. and Belgium for Belgians have achieved all together 34 votes at last Congress elections (47 votes in November); giving them right to have only 11 Congress seats (8 seats in November in Congress). I want to apologize this way to the members of Belgium for Belgians for placing them in to the opposition, if they don’t feel like being one, I am sorry for misplacing you.

If we are looking at those figures, they are very exact and giving us picture of reality.
They (Res Belgica and their satellites All TOgethers and Netherlands BE Back (ex-BOL) have absolute dictatorship legislative power and can outvote any competition and it has been like this for some period of time. As we represent opposition, they don’t like us so and they are using every possibility to manipulate public opinion saying: we (H.O.P.E.) are bad guys in their eyes and they are good guys. But I know it’s all political game in arena where all sort of lies and manipulations are used.

In reality, how can you make PTO happen and is it possible?

- Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not that easy to achieve it and bring it to real life.
- Why? You would need lot of resources (time & money) and real-life men to make it happen.

The H.O.P.E. party has won only 6 Congress seats at last elections and this would only give us opportunity to give away 6 citizenship tickets and with it the possibility to accept few strange weird foreigners; who’ll want to come to eBelgium, eventually.

So where should we look further to find and recruit new members?
BABY BOOM, it’s not most likely to happen here in eBelgium.

Multi-accounts creation, hm, yeah?
Maybe, but it’s still a risky peace of business and there is great danger of permanent ban by Administrators and possibility of losing everything, what was created by someone.
Who’ll want to gamble on it?
In some unbelievable science fiction look-alike situation, it could be achieved, but it is not going to happen in foreseeable future.

So in my humble opinion, all this is serving somebody and its creation has a purpose. And its purpose is to rule and not to share anything with the rest. They are elite, we are opposite. They have majority, we are in minority. But I assure you, they can`t fool me, I know reality and I have brains and I can`t be manipulated by none.

In my next article, I’ll write you abut this individual calling himself: Minister of National Security.
Where does he come from, who is he really and what is his real mission.
I’ll also try to put some more pictures in my text, as it didn’t work out well this time.

Yours truly,
Mabellene Schrampers
especially for Paul Schrampers Productions



MCKitkat Day 1,872, 15:02

I don't see any problem in your so called dictatorship. Why does your "axis of evil" have so many power, because we get the votes. Before you start blaming the parties, you should maybe blame the people who are voting the so called "dictators", but hey, they are too the ones who vote for your party. I am very happy that some parties are working together, because that's what helps to keep a country strong. If everyone ould go his own way, the country wouldn't make a single step forward. Res Belgica has certainly no puppets, even though we have some same ideas, every party has too his own ideas and disagrees with the other party. I have nothing against an opposition, it is an healthy thing to have, but HOPE and ex-BoL represents an radical side, you are blaming us of excluding you ? Wll it is your own fault. You can atleaast try to cooperate and follow the rules. If you break them, don't expect some gifts, and certainly don't blame us, it isn't our fault if you guys accept everyone without even debating with the other parties. You call us dictators, even though you and your friends act like dictators.

Kaad Day 1,872, 15:55

Look to HOPE and their members! It is not your fault but it's like that! You are in the minority? Why don't you want to work with the majority?
Our country is VERY DEMOCRATIC, because our resident is everytime elected with a huge percentage. And if you substract PTOs votes, there's not really a lot of persons supporting you...

Jeiry Day 1,872, 16:28

Poor eBelgian politics. Blindness is in both "sides", so are misunderstandings. And you're not close to shaking hands with each others.

Jeiry Day 1,872, 16:32

And by the way, it's a nice first paper. Clear, mature, well written and well explained. Hope to read you often.

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,872, 17:01

Kaad it is not us who doesn't want to work with the rest. It is the elite who doesn't want to work with us and who is trying to assassinate HOPE members (or should I say former LCC members or citizens who didn't reject them). In your last article you where just doing that. Or have you been indoctrinated yourself.
One thing is a fact fair elections do not exist anymore in eBe..

Mabellene for sure you will get more changes. You should have a real change now already!

Kylero Day 1,872, 17:02

"Maybe, but it’s still a risky peace of business and there is great danger of permanent ban by Administrators and possibility of losing everything, what was created by someone.
Who’ll want to gamble on it?
In some unbelievable science fiction look-alike situation, it could be achieved, but it is not going to happen in foreseeable future."

Damn right it isn't going to happen, as long as I'm here! Please focus your next article on me. It only proves that I am your number one threat, and I think we all know why...

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,872, 17:16

No Kylero you are far from my number one threat, actually you are one of the few guys I sorta trust in this game..

Stijn Puttemans
Stijn Puttemans Day 1,872, 20:25

Maybe if you play by the rules and laws of our constitution, you'll get more support.
Mostly you guy's just accept citizen requests without debate or you start a roque proposial for a NE.
Thats not in eBe best interesst. Why would you attack ePoland?????
The voting is democratic, every cz can make up his own mind when he votes.... It just mean that most of eBe cz doesn't believe in your program.. So stop blaiming others...

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,873, 23:52

First: It's good to see you writing Mabellene. It's a very good article that clearly states your opinion without mudthrowing.

Second: This is actually the first time I hear you. If you didn't agree with some ongoing politics, why don't you come to the forum and explain us your opinion. You probably heard that the forum is one-sided and that we don't allow "others" to speak, but in the last 2 years, only 2 people were banned if i'm not mistaken.
And those bans were because of "rules" on the forum, or because of things that has been enforced on the forum but were not followed ingame (loan repayment or immigration approval without confirmation to give 2 examples).

So for me this comes out of nowhere. You blame us that you don't have a chance and therefore you don't write your program. Well, if you write your first article 10 hours before the elections start, you kinda minimize your own chances. Like I said, I've never heard of you, I don't know what you stand for, then why would I or others vote for you??

If I may give you one advise:
You've obviously heard AVegan/vincent pain's version of the facs, come to the forum and forget what you've heard about it, and judge us again after one month.
I know you already loggid in before, but with only 9 posts in 2,5 months, I can't say you've been very active. So try it again, unprejudiced.

Jofroi Day 1,873, 00:14

Nice article, however you are wrong about two things:

1: I don't think that BfB is in the opposition but if it is the case, I'll move back there next month (unless I'm totally wrong^^) 😛.
2: NBB/ATO are no puppets of RB, it's the opposite 😛.

BrunoCND Day 1,873, 01:03

+1 tecuvo

Gyantse Day 1,873, 01:04

Just something ! Why are you usiing goverment banner if you criticizing Belgian politic parties and goverment.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,873, 01:41


Olv007 Day 1,873, 02:17

I think it's too late, Vincent Pain and A Vegan brainwashed you already. Now you are their puppet.

Phaethon Ominosus
Phaethon Ominosus Day 1,873, 02:36

Obbey to noone.World is divided to leaders and followers.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,873, 02:43

no gods, no masters

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,873, 03:40

What I read here is that you have no program, no ideas for Belgium. And I think your party have neither, because the only thing that unite the leaders of your party is the hate or the incomprehension of the current Belgian government.
The current governement runs a military system, based on 3 military units, BNA, BCA, BTA, where every Belgian can enter and receive help and supplies to fight. In fact some of the members of your party enjoy this armies freely.
Moreover, for newbies under 30 level, the government runs "citizen packs", food and supplies to every citizen who asks. Party members of HOPE enjoy and enjoyed this welfare service of the Belgian government.
I mean, Belgium is working for his citizens. It may be better, probably. But Belgium is open to new ideas. Just say your own.
It's 3 months you're here, and it is yonly our first article, that you wrote after candidating. More ideas.

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,873, 03:50

Well written article and a nice style. Like I said on Kaads article, good to see more opinions popping up in the press, so keep writing. Even if I don't completely agree on it (like I'm neither a fan of demonizing the other side), it was an interesting read. (PS. VP, I'm still waiting for an answer) (+ a Schrampersjoke, thumbs up) More differentiation in political opinion ain't doing this game any bad (au contraire, I would say) b.e. Jens Leupe's opinions. I'ld really invite you to voice your opinion more frequently.
One thing is not really 100% clear to me. Is this a statement against demonizing HOPE, is this a statement against demonizing certain members of HOPE (to call a cat a cat: aVegan and VP) or is this a statement against the way there is a majority in charge that gets along quite good? I think you must be aware that this last thing is partly a consequense of
a) being a small community that has been on the edge of annihilation some times. So working together has been the rule to survive. Consequence: community sticking together.
Also, a few more opponent voices have moved to other countries.
c) the fact that multithreat ain't a fiction, as proved by the many multis that get discovered each month (up to 20% of population iirc)

Kaad Day 1,873, 05:08

AVegan, you must admit the number of PTOs in HOPE... And their recent proposal of Poland as natural enemy clearely show the intrests about eBelgium of your party...

And they WANT to work with everyone, as they work with me...

Also, the elections are really FAIR, because last month, more than 76% of the true citizen said yes. Substract PTOs and than you have more than 80%...

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,873, 05:19

Seems there is finally someone in the opposition who tries to look further than what others tell him.
I can only say: be yourself, follow your way and look around what really is happening, after that I think you will be a great candidate, you know how to write, clear without those famous f-words or personal attacks, you are trying to analyse what is happening, well go further and see for yourself, you are proof that there is more than some stone throwing people in the opposition

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,873, 09:05

GSmyrlof Day 1,873, 09:40

voted Greetings from Greece comrades!

Ely.nea Day 1,873, 09:57

when we have a little country with 3 regions and not a lof of active players, it's normal to want security, because it's easier for foreigners to take the control.

We must take care about that : )

Kylero Day 1,873, 12:26

By the way, this was very well written Mabellene!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,873, 12:34

I think it's too late, Vincent Pain and A Vegan brainwashed you already. Now you are their puppet.


Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Day 1,874, 04:53

Great article, nice job.

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