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Proud of eSwitzerland

Day 2,012, 21:43 Published in Switzerland Austria by Kaad

Dear readers,


After Slovenia didn't respect the agreement, eSwitzerland started a new RW (I wont speak to much about this, read this article to know more ->

At the moment I'm writing this, it seems we have been understand by the eWorld.

We are wining by 22-0 against the thieves (People who don't want to pay to use something that do not belong to them)

All night, Alexandre Walen "The Great of Switzerland", CloveR333, David_, remi.remi and Sir Kaad managed to win all divisions, with the help of our allies, especialy from Chile: Your text to link here...

I must thanks also all CP that answer to my call, I really appreciate to see CoT brobthers giving damage for us.

I thank also all BH hunters from Switzerland.

For D1: remi.remi x2
For D2: omgimalife
For D3: Kaad x2
For D4:

And also our allies from CoT:

For D1: Alexey Kondratov (Belgium)
For D2:
For D3:
For D4:

And all other BH from players that we should now call friends.

Thank you!

For Switzerland,



Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,012, 21:49

Go go go Switzerland!

Cronoss Day 2,012, 22:24

Thieves?! You are the only thieves around. Ok, you are new around here and as I saw you`re kinda lame so I wont` waste my time with you.

Cronoss Day 2,013, 01:13

I also have shots or articles with you and your lame friends fighting against Switzerland, so cut the crap and be gone. I don`t like lame clowns in the morning.

Kaad Day 2,013, 00:31

Awesome comment! With an awesome screenshot. When would be a true eSwiss?

Hunter4Life123 Day 2,013, 08:28

The SS was mine. : ) I am a spy.... : P

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,014, 08:16

Lmao clonossos so lawssst around here, trolls are supposed to be in Norway gtfoh.

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Day 2,014, 09:24

Stop wasting time and get a real job, not everybody are born to make music.

remi.remi Day 2,013, 09:30


Al Punk
Al Punk Day 2,013, 17:28

v+s! You got some help from antiTWO fighters as well! ;o)

Kaad Day 2,014, 05:58

Hail France
Hail Italy
Hail Turkey
Hail Albania

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,013, 20:26


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