Proposal: Constitutional Monarchy with Bicameral Legislature

Day 2,997, 06:39 Published in United Kingdom Canada by JQXZ

As part of the consultations taking place under the recently passed Referendum Act, I propose replacing the current system with a three part system based on a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral legislature.

The current posts of King and Constitutional Dictator would be merged, and the eUK monarchy would be enshrined in the constitution. The King, Woldy, would hold the game mechanics post of Dictator, a position that the government would commit to defending militarily. The King would be responsible for enacting laws passed by the legislature into game mechanics law, where appropriate; and for appointing cabinet ministers on the orders of the Country President, which he would not be allowed to ignore.

The lower house of the legislature would be the Congress elected through game mechanics.

The upper house of the legislature would be formed of appointed members. Most members would be permanent, unless dismissed. Permanent members would be appointed, for elife, by Congress. Conditions that would have to be met to be eligible for appointment would be:
Citizenship in the eUK.
At least 12 months experience in eRepublik.
Ownership of a newspaper in which serious political articles are published at least annually.
Membership of an eUK military unit.
Swearing an oath of loyalty to the King and the constitution.
Not having been involved in any dishonest activity while in a previous political post.

Potential permanent appointments to the upper house would have to be approved by the King. Permanent members of the upper house would be able to be dismissed by Congress.

The Country President would be a member of the upper house for his or her term.

The King would be an observer member of both houses, but would not have voting rights.

Laws would be proposed and voted on in message threads, separately for each house. The final version version of any law would have be approved by a majority of those who voted in each house.

The Country President would be elected through game mechanics, and would have the right to select a cabinet and order it's appointment by the King.

Representation and promotion of the nation abroad would be a joint responsibility of the King and the Country President.