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Propaganda, Nicknames and wiki for laugh

Day 2,099, 23:47 Published in Greece Greece by THRAX and RUMELIAN

Today i saw an article in FYROM newspapers

The title is "Help for Amintas".. you can find it easy. The article is for a player, Amyntas.

As always, i saw that the half of the nicknames there wich are Greek origin names (like their CP for this month from the legendary Greek hero Perseus) and the other half that they have as component the word "Macedon" (wich means tall, long in Greek, i dont know what means in their language and they love it so much) but this is not out theme...

I thought "another Greek name" cause is an ancient Greek name really well known name here wich means "the defender" (i dont know what means in their language)

and now the "lol"...

i dont know why, i putted it in wiki... and as i was sure, i saw what i know in english wiki

in the left of the page i saw languages and i hitted the "language" they thing some people talk... what did i saw? lol
they dont tell the people the origin and what mean the name Amyntas !!!

i started laugh cause you know its beeter to know nothing than the half of something...

but the real laugh was in Bulgarian wiki...Аминта

in the top says "е древно име, употребявано най-вече в Македония" wich means "an ancient name wich is used especially in Macedonia"

i didnt know if i had to "lol" or to cry....

the propaganda in greatness!!!

fo conclusion: better start using some nicknames like "Josef"... fits better 😁

ps1: i didnt know what pictures to use so i putted some coins from some of the Macedonian kings named Amyntas... i CAN read them... Amyntas (the one from the article i saw) and the others, CAN?

ps2: i think they ll try to delete the article, but for some reason i cant find why... well... i ll put it on again bey befotre that lets make some people read it:
Propaganda, nicknames and wiki for laugh



THRAX and RUMELIAN Day 2,099, 23:58

ps3: sorry for my English.... but still are better than the Greek they use 😁

Meliowant Day 2,100, 00:24

voted for Αμύντας !!!

michalis07 Day 2,100, 00:34


Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Day 2,100, 00:40

Fyromians have started realizing that the only way to be Macedonian is the Greek way..



English is fine, ps3 is epic! :DDDD

khantervel Day 2,100, 00:43

"... used in Macedonia", I think that in BG Wiki it means that the name is used in district Macedonia. For us, Bulgarians, Macedonia is geographical place and macedonians are people who live there. Like, we have Shopi, Dobrudzanci, Traki and so on.
Inresting article 🙂

Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Day 2,100, 01:22

quite diplomatic aspect 😉

however e.g. Makedonians are not just the inhabitants of Makedonia as the word contains a meaning of nation in common with Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Crete etc. namely the Hellenic nation (all residents of Greece are not Greeks) 😉

khantervel Day 2,100, 01:51

yes, for us Macedonians are the people who live in this geographical place and they are part of Bulgarian nation

LionHeart MK Day 2,103, 11:10

Comment deleted

Cerberus Hellas
Cerberus Hellas Day 2,100, 00:45


KainStorm Day 2,100, 00:47


KainStorm Day 2,100, 01:07

I realy dont get though why you even bother with the skopian-aka bulgarian offsprings -
they are never gonna learn..their mindes are stuck as hell!

What i dont get also is why these fyromians deny their bulgarian heritage..why they deny their bulgarian roots? are they afraid of something? they speak the same language(fyromian is a bulgarian dialect)-they have the same customs so WHY WHY WHY deny that they are bulgars??

Makedonas GR
Makedonas GR Day 2,100, 01:24

Should they accept their Bulgarian ID, they could not stand as a separate country..
Half would be absorbed by Bulgaria and the other half by Albania.

khantervel Day 2,100, 01:55

yes, they are afraid. Serbians and communism teach them, a these two "things" are very afraid of Bulgaria. I think that mighty Bulgaria is on in the interests of any Balkan country or even "the great powers", as a Greek you know this very well from our ( Balkan&Europe too) history.

Isr Heil
Isr Heil Day 2,100, 04:42

eho akrivos tin idia idea

Eleanor 82
Eleanor 82 Day 2,100, 07:40


CruisadeR Day 2,100, 12:00

Bitch please they are macedonian ancient names 😁

Kutluk Bilge Kul Dramatik
Kutluk Bilge Kul Dramatik Day 2,101, 05:54

hahahah this is sooo funny qandirdim sik kadar bişey anlamadım

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