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Project Update and Feedback

Day 1,963, 19:25 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Hey wassup guys 😉

I'm hard at work on the project. At this point, I've essentially gathered all the info that I can. I know a lot more about some nations than I did just a few days ago. Thanks to a lot of players around the globe for their info, both from personal experience (from being in the nation) and hearsay. I've gathered information from the more popular nations, too. It's been a great learning experience. All that's left is to actually make the write-ups. And here's where I need your help 😉

Now, I'm infamous for my blocks of text. And it can be pretty bad already. Blame it on the alcohol my reluctance to include pictures, and the fact that I'm just lazy. 😃

Now, one write-up wouldn't be too bad. But remember. I'm doing this for every country. Not just the big players like Spain and USA. Every country. Not only is it gonna be a lot of work to write it up, it'd be a complete pain to read all in one sitting. This is a game, not English class. Oh gawd, English class. There's no point in putting everyone through that, is there? 😉

So here's my request. Below is a write-up for Belarus, one of the nations I've already written about. Let me know what you think about the format, and more importantly, how much of this can you tolerate in one sitting 😉

I don't wanna break it up too much, since it would take forever to release, but I'm considering releasing it in edible chunks over the course of a week, maybe two. Well, enjoy 😉


Current alliance: neutral

Regions (Core/Core-owned/Total): 6/5/5

Belarus has had a long and bloody past ever since its arrival to the game as the last nation in the region. However, it was quickly conquered by its neighbors Latvia and Lithuania to the north for resources. As a result, Belarus became a member of EDEN to liberate its nation, in which efforts have been mildly successful. While always a hotspot of war, the battles escalated as Asgard attempted to free Belarus, and Hungary decided to support their Latvian and Lithuanian members. Belarus enjoyed moments of liberation, but frustrated with a lack of support from EDEN, the Belarusians exited the alliance. Tired of war, Belarus signed peace treaties with Lithuania and Hungary, renting the latter the southeastern region of Homelskaya. However, there have been some issues regarding the payment for the region, and there have been tensions the two former enemies as a result. Belarus has been steadily keeping an MPP with Bulgaria, and in light of recent events, has signed another with the Americans as well. Belarus is currently neutral, leaning slightly towards CoT.

Yeah, it really is that long of a write-up 😛

Lemme know what you think 🙂

Until next time, take care!

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Anyway first one of the articles I read of yours voted and subbed whatever that means.

Randy Casey
Randy Casey Day 1,963, 20:46

Subscribed means you will get his articles in your subscription box, and voted means you (assuming you're on facebook) "liked" it.

klop123 Day 1,963, 19:29

Add a map.

but good! : D

Yuri Kaczynski
Yuri Kaczynski Day 1,963, 19:40

Cool! If possible, though, it might be interesting to feature a brief mention of major political parties and what they stand for.

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,963, 19:46

It's sometimes not the most proper option to assemble an opinion on a country basing on its MoFA's words ; - )

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,963, 19:51

Two significant countries haven't been mentioned in a write-up : - )

ligtreb Day 1,963, 20:08

I look forward to this series.

Plugson Day 1,963, 20:36

A helpful tidbit of info. The entire collection of write-ups will be helpful for aspiring MoFAs for ambassadors, though the real challenge would be to keep the info update (do you intend to keep an updated rolodex of countries?)

Randy Casey
Randy Casey Day 1,963, 20:47

This is a great read. Consider adding maps 🙂

Bulbash Kamajski
Bulbash Kamajski Day 1,964, 02:04


SpikyJade2700 Day 1,964, 02:18

Voted, I'm looking forward to next articles!

Gh0strr Day 1,964, 07:17

very straight to the point .. me gusta 😃

Strength and Honour

GympaDojjan Day 1,964, 12:57

Belarusians are sweet people.. atleast the 5 i've meet during my time in the game..

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