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Prime Minister Griffith's Public Address

Day 1,876, 21:30 Published in Australia Australia by Xavier Griffith

My Fellow Australians,

It has been 3-4 days now since I was elected by you the people as Prime Minister of Australia. It has been rather hectic for me, with the need to set things in place, and has been hectic and disorienting for my Cabinet to some degree with nearly all being completely new to cabinet from the last, however we have not been idle and things have been moving incredibly fast.

I wanted to take this time out of my busy schedule to write to you and give you a quick brief overview of what has been going on and achieved to some degree within the first 4 days of the new Government entering Office. It is important that you have communication and I ran on a strong platform of communication between myself and Cabinet with you the People and with the Senate. This is the start of that communication process.

As I said earlier, things have been hectic, with the need to assess what the previous government had been working on, looking at implementing our own policies and laying the foundations for those to occur, and starting some of the projects while gathering international Cabinet information by my Foreign Affairs team. Access to the Government Orgs also needed to be achievedas well and all this has taken a little bit of time, however we have not been idle over this adjustment and realignment period.

Below I have listed where my Department Ministers and their Deputies are in regard to their portfolios:

Department of Defence

* Discussion regarding TW with NZ/ SA / Indonesia;
* MPPs options with CoT nations as well as older allies;
* Restructuring the ADF & better recognition of players who have fought in wars on ADFs request;
* Focus on new citizens & getting them to join by advertising as well as personal approaches;
* Discussions regarding DoD Orders out early and daily, with ability to change them quickly when needed.

Department of Human Services

* Discussions on the best ways to approach new players with the aim of getting them involved in the community & keeping them up to date & informed;
* Ways to encourage feedback without bombarding new player with information & risk them being turned off;
* The old and rarely used Baby Info Site has now been replaced with the new Department of Human Services Site with the information being updated and looking at making the site a full Library of information;
* Working on improving the new Australian Library, set out on the lines of the very successful German Library, with the purpose to ensuring access to knowledge & contacts to all players, new & old alike.

Department of Foreign Affairs

* Gathering international Cabinet lists;
* talking to CP and International FA members from other nations about support we can offer and they can offer us;
* have advised Chile that we would like to act upon the renegotiation clause in the Aus-Chile NAP before re ratification occurs;
* India has announced that they are leaving EDEN and may look at joining CoT.
* Mexico and Peru have offered to assist in renegotiations with Chile.
* South Africa has advised they may also look at CoT membership if Australia joins.

Department of Finance

* Now has access to the RBA and commenced MM pegging;
* Reviewed the Current financial situation and working on January Budget to be sent to the Senate’
* Commenced recording end of day Treasury balances (gold and AUD) for income assessment purposes.

DoD Review Commission

Commissioner Infin has now commenced his DoD Review Commission into the feasibility of the Australian Government to fund MU’s and keep the ADF, including whether the ADF should be left, revamped or scrapped altogether or MU’s should be funded by the Government or not and if so how that will occur. The Government will await his finding in regard to these matters before make a decision on the consensus reached after the Commission has completed.

Personal Note in Closing.

On a personal note in closing, it has been very hectic as you can see, with things going on in all direction, discussion in the Cabinet Room has been full on, information passed to the whole Cabinet, and the IRC Cabinet Room and FA Rooms booming with noise and activity. This will continue as we continue to move forward with our work and more Information coming out to you on a regular basis each week.

Important news I assure you will be sent out separately and as soon as we have it.


Xavier Grifith
eAustralian Prime Minister



Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,876, 21:32

First taken because I'm the PM : )

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,876, 21:36

Second secured because smd.

lancer450 Day 1,876, 21:37


venja Day 1,876, 21:37

egads fourth

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Day 1,876, 21:47

The Deputy Prime Minister approves 😃

Binda33 Day 1,876, 22:52

No albino squirrel?

Kelly The Great
Kelly The Great Day 1,877, 00:14


Malgoo Day 1,877, 00:23

No albino squirrel no read.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,877, 02:34

Lol...your all made on those albino squirrels aren't you. I'll see if I can find one

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,877, 05:41

You don't find the albino squirrel.

He finds you.

There is a difference....

James Buffet
James Buffet Day 1,878, 03:44

I want to see your name in Taz XG

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