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Prime Minister Desk - Disappointment Congress Disobey Order

Day 1,892, 19:31 Published in Malaysia Russia by RyuYuki

Day :1892 of the new world.
note: Only English Article available.

Congress election is just around the corner, here i would like to remind AGAIN AND AGAIN please obey order that we all agreed in our congress and minster discussion. There is no use if you show your irrational action. If you disagree please state it out clearly during the discussion. That is the purpose we do discussion.

We are small country, yet we need to set good fundamental if we want to become as strong as and look good by other eNation.

Our current CP, Nerzhu1 stated out clear on his article via Prime Minister Department Newspaper, [Gov] Order, Purpose, Direction.

but one of the congressman do propose law without any consultation nor discussion first.


but i dont know why, the congressman disorder this law. I put this blame on Party President. As you are the one who can set the congress candidate. Please put priority to candidate that will benefit the eNation.

I let you the Party President to give punishment to the congressman and yes i want you to write an article what action will your party take to the congressman.

Prime Minister eMalaysia Dec/Jan 2013



Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 1,892, 20:19


clanky4 Day 1,892, 20:36

I frankly agree with with one of IFK's proposal. Our country has the absolute lowest wage in eWorld (at least last I checked) Other than that I am pretty sure it was end of term proposals. Congressman used to propose random laws at the end of their terms if they hadn't already used their law proposals.

RyuYuki Day 1,892, 20:48

its just about ethics. as a noble man or i may say gentleman or lady how you react will determine your morality.

you should know better current situation in eMy what those law proposal is not valid. changing tax? are you serious nor change the minimum salary? if you want employee put high salary people will go to you. just that simple.

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,892, 20:51

the problem is. he must voice out in the meeting before he proposed it. he have against the rule of eMalaysia.

he have good idea but pls have a meeting before proposed.

mhifzan Day 1,892, 21:07

@RyuYuki, respond? take not? 😛
haha xD xde apa2 nak dikata, di buat ikut tindakkan sendiri, tanpa berbincang. aku cuma kasi dia peluang jd congress, tp lau x silap aku masa tu PP masih lg smallee bkn aku 😛

so pasni, xde harapan la dia utk bertanding jd congress selagi aku masih PP KECUALI dia keluarkan surat tunjuk sbb.

@clanky4, ada sbb kenapa wage tu 1 cc, bukan sbb gaji itu murah, tetapi kebanyakkan yg 1 cc itu hanya syarat berkerja tetapi gaji dibayar dgn produk.

tentang tax, mmg aku selaku MoF TIDAK benarkan mana2 law utk tax di ubah kerana kita mahu mencari kestabilan pasaran

RyuYuki Day 1,892, 22:21

boleh ko buat dngan official statement @muhammad hifzan. nampak profesional sket dan untuk pengajaran dan rujukan generasi kelak. 🙂

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,892, 22:22

@hifzan clanky4 tu bkn org sini..dia US punya org..mne dia phm ape ko ckp..speak english please.. 😛

mhifzan Day 1,893, 00:10

@leo, dia le google translate 😛

JUJAI23 Day 1,893, 03:11

jilake mhifzan.. jangan malas! pegi translate lah bg die bace

Firebourne Day 1,893, 04:42

What would happen if oranges were purple?

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