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Prevent treachery! Vote GloveIsLove!

Day 1,689, 04:31 Published in USA Ukraine by Ukrainian Dream

No. 88. - Day 1,689
Country: eUSA

Dear USA citizens and TEDEN friends,

Today eUSA has two choice:

1. To betray our TEDEN friends and make a new alliance with Poland and Spain.

Evry - Candidate for USA President

2. To stay loyal ally to our current friends and bros

GloveisLove - Candidate for USA President

LeperMessiah - GloveIsLove's acting MoFA

I call you all, expecialy TEDEN citizens with USA CS, to vote for GloveIsLove!

Hail USA!

Spread the word:

Prevent treachery! Vote GloveIsLove!



Cinevaul Day 1,689, 04:31

Comment deleted

Cercizi.07 Day 1,689, 04:36

Voted ! Hope they'll keep their word now

Qui-Gon-Jinn Day 1,689, 04:39


WichCro Day 1,689, 04:43

vote smart vote glove

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 1,689, 04:48

interesting fact about that alliance is if its formed wars will stop in balkans 🙂

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,689, 04:54

ICA is for Glove!

Romper Day 1,689, 04:56

Goxi, no they won't. 2 countries have children in permanent control so they can't be reasoned with. There is no way to make Balkan Union with those 2...

Thesmos Day 1,689, 05:02

ICA is for Glove! x2

DominionHR Day 1,689, 05:12


Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,689, 05:13

You can't trust LeperMessiah,he's a douche and a player with no respect for other players.

Don Milli
Don Milli Day 1,689, 05:16

Voted for U and for Glove ; )

Master of Dojo
Master of Dojo Day 1,689, 05:20

koja 2 romper ?

Rylde Day 1,689, 05:22

I'm no one and have betrayed USA from the reports.

FRITZHILL Day 1,689, 05:34

I'm no one and have betrayed USA from the reports. x2

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,689, 05:47

signed o7

cc1432 Day 1,689, 06:29

Leper is a good pampa! :!

guroZR Day 1,689, 07:18

vote for pampuan reyis

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,689, 07:21

Congress approves Alliances, not the Executive.

Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Day 1,689, 07:25

@CivilAnarchy: But the executive obviously negotiates the initial proposal and holds a large sway over Congress. If Congress doesn't back the Executive on their agreed on alliance proposal, its Troll city for 2 weeks on the Congressional forums until people bend.

AItair Day 1,689, 07:35

voted hard

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,689, 07:48

how funny and ironic it is ....
what about that then??? oh wait from inci too ....
good luck allies of eUSA in every way u vote your allies will be fcuked
u can ask eGreek as well about the fight for "lulz" by millionsss damages made by owls against them .

Com'on ... are u all blind?? or no ball$???

Finway Day 1,689, 08:07

No Pampuan ITW No Vote : (

xenophob Day 1,689, 08:39


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,689, 08:47


but you need to SERIOUSLY re-examine your loyalties in eUS politics.

You are allied with USWP, which supports this new alliance.

Simulare Day 1,689, 08:58

@Civ - you are correct, Congress approves Alliances, not the Executive. The question is, does Evry have enough of congress to make this happen? Its a dangerous situation to leave in the hands of a rogue president and a congress that doesn't always represent the will of the people.

I thing that anyone against the N.A.P. should steer far away from Israel Stevens v.2 (aka Evry)

Thedillpickl Day 1,689, 09:02

Civil Anarchy
Day 1,689, 07:21
"Congress approves Alliances, not the Executive."

I get confused on that, thank you for explaining. My discussion on the "Ask the President" thread was very confusing regarding that. Israel and Vanek knew nothing, then they knew all. They had no control, then they were very much in control. Apparently now Congress is the only one that has anything to say about alliances.

I thought so! Now we can blame Congress for this mess! It's all their fault! 😃:D

Iamnameless Day 1,689, 09:17

What is pampuan reyis' position on this issue?

Ukrainian Dream
Ukrainian Dream Day 1,689, 09:22

pampuan can't win... so every vote for pampuan is de facto vote for Evry! And every vote for Evry is vote for treachery.

It is as simply as that.

HladenSpricar Day 1,689, 09:25

Just a question...

For who should i vote? xD

neis Day 1,689, 10:06

pampuan pampuan pampuan



McPingvin Day 1,689, 10:40


Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,689, 10:48

'I get confused on that, thank you for explaining. My discussion on the "Ask the President" thread was very confusing regarding that. Israel and Vanek knew nothing, then they knew all. They had no control, then they were very much in control.'

That is exactly my point either open Congress for all to see, citizen in power such as Israel and Vanek26 lie to your face and the next day they are claiming all the glory....

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,689, 11:06

For Glove s2

Silent Night
Silent Night Day 1,689, 11:08

Glove o7

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Day 1,689, 11:09

It's a dangerous proverb!@#%

ZeneFallX Day 1,689, 11:12


Doge N7
Doge N7 Day 1,689, 11:20


Hicks Light
Hicks Light Day 1,689, 11:28

vote ko kuća.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 1,689, 11:31

It seems to me that the majority in eUSA wants this new alliance. So it doesn't matter who is ellected. Sooner or later it will come to be.

Doge N7
Doge N7 Day 1,689, 11:36

It seems to me that the majority in eUSA is selfish

Pibasog Day 1,689, 13:28


Yetlanesi Day 1,689, 15:06

((¯*.».( ¯*♥ »Glove is love« ♥* ¯).«.*¯))

Romper Day 1,689, 15:20

Majority of USA thinks it is some new alliance, third way; while in fact they are being manipulated into ONE under a different name.
They call it anti-Balkan alliance, but I assure you that Loland has no intention of cancelling Serbian MPP. They need them to fight against others in Balkans while they are living the wet dream of world conquer.

Simulare Day 1,689, 18:35

Majority of the USA is stupid. Why would erep be any different?

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,689, 18:51

mccvii is right

Zelja Day 1,689, 19:26

LOL can it be more obvious then this ?? this is alliance that will last a month or two before it is joined with ONE, or maybe it will stay "sub-alliance" with MPP.s with ONE, and part of the member directly in ONE and this new alliance...

how can anybody buy this anti-balkan baloney when if you take this road in a month or two you will be signing MPP.s with Serbia, FYRM and Slovenia ....

I guess you could name it - Anti EDEN-PART-OF-BALKAN alliance...

Maximillian Payne
Maximillian Payne Day 1,689, 20:44

Glove is Love!

Suleta Day 1,689, 21:50

v + s

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