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Prestige medal

Day 3,419, 04:22 Published in Slovakia Hungary by Swoosh.

Since Plato did not get us a list, where we can track who is fighting for the Prestige medal, I would like to ask you to let me know if you plan to have enough PP to get the medal, not at the "first week", or if you have the medal already.

What do you think your final PP number will be at the end of the week ?

I am curious how bad is the fight for those 100 places.
With 1100+ people having Power Pack, I think noone is going to get 100 gold "by accident"

Please share



Swoosh. Day 3,419, 04:22

I am probably going to get the medal, but not much above 40 000 pp

JNJK92 Day 3,419, 04:26

1337k pp

Swoosh. Day 3,419, 04:27

1.3 mil? yeah right

JNJK92 Day 3,419, 04:27


JNJK92 Day 3,419, 04:27

*Forgot the point - 1.337k

Repe Ruutikallo
Repe Ruutikallo Day 3,419, 04:39

Quite modest


LIKE A B0SS Day 3,419, 04:29

16k i'm going for lvl 201

Silexu Day 3,419, 04:30


Zordacz Day 3,419, 04:30

Unless my house is hit by a meteorite, I'll reach 40k PP with a small safety margin.

Jordic69 Day 3,419, 04:32

953 PP. I don't want the servers to collapse, that's why.

taleum Day 3,419, 04:33

42701 pp at the moment.
I'm not fighting, because I can have no idea about my position on this NOT EXISTING list.

MaZzA Day 3,419, 04:33

Prolly I'll reach 40k if I can find some epics 🙂

kamysje Day 3,419, 04:35

I'm planning to finish a week with exactly 40k pp 😉

taleum Day 3,419, 04:38

don’t wait until the last min, the system gives the medal a few min later as you reached the 40k

Repe Ruutikallo
Repe Ruutikallo Day 3,419, 04:42

2995pp at the moment

PP-medal --> could not care less

Swoosh. Day 3,419, 05:14

you don't need visa for the medal, just a bunch of Energy Bars
VISA could help a lot, of course, but it is not mandatory
I am still @ 0 EUR spent in this game, and I don't ever want to raise that number

TheTrendoReborn Day 3,419, 09:29

all am saying is, this event sucks

The Patriot of EU
The Patriot of EU Day 3,419, 04:53

My guess is 35000+ may get in the top 100. Less shouldn't even try.

ArtanSlayn Sirvano
ArtanSlayn Sirvano Day 3,419, 05:31

Will try to reach 40k, but withouth epics it will be hard...

RHIANN0N Day 3,419, 05:35

27 700 pp epic no fun !

Fenoglioteam Day 3,419, 06:02

0pp, like every week since about september

Joz76 Day 3,419, 06:31

I am probably going to get the medal and the gold reward!

i have 3941 PP at the moment 🙂

Swoosh. Day 3,419, 07:22

missed a number or sarcasm ? 🙂

Joz76 Day 3,419, 08:14

bazinga 🙂

ASP.CrazZz Day 3,419, 06:52

how can u know there's 1100+ prople using pack ?

montaigne Day 3,419, 08:12

I amusually buying packs, but no intention to achieve 40.000 pp. Currently at 5.260pp and easy going.

Kamrad Stomper
Kamrad Stomper Day 3,419, 10:18


655321 Day 3,420, 01:39

Currently at 3,811, will probably reach the 4,000 mark.

Jove Apostoloski
Jove Apostoloski Day 3,420, 03:39

16559, i will hit as much i can but no plan for reaching 40K

jajce3 Day 3,420, 13:19

My guess is about 75k.

jajce3 Day 3,420, 13:20

75k for winner.
I only do PPs for storage.

Alex.L Day 3,420, 20:21

39863 so medal is mine 😃
Wouldn't even try to get to 40k if it wasn't for PP boosters.

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