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Presidential Update

Day 955, 10:34 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
Next CP
I am not going to run for president next month. Had a great time doing it this month but it is time to pass the ball on. The job is extremely time consuming. I spent no less then 3 hours on the game each day this month. Some days it got to 14 hours a day. I talked to presidents of other countries some nights more then my own kids. Got 4 hours sleep a few nights and my RL work was not great. Not even going to go into my sex life lately. **put the fiddle away** The point is I had fun, but it is time to step back and take a lesser role. Looking forward to watching some football next month and more time in bed.

There have been a lot of unusual things happen this month. It might have come as a surprise if a member of the IFP backed a Labour president canadite a month ago, but it should not now. Irish boy is by far the best canadite running for president and should be elected. I have got to know all the leaders in this country, regardless of what party they come from, and it is a very clear choice that he is the best for this country next month. I will be asking everyone I know to vote for Irish boy. I have a lot of respect for Connor and think he would be a good CP but now is not the time for new leadership or learning on the job. I hope him and Irish boy get together before the election and Connor accepts a position in government that will allow him to get some of those great new ideas enacted. I have told Irish boy I would help out as VP, a minister, or governor of North Dakota. What every he needs me to do, just as long as the time demands are reasonable. I am going to keep working at CP job until the minute of the election, then hand over the keys and take a nap.

Not running for CP was an easy choice, family and real life has to come first. The next one was harder. I have decided to leave the IFP party after 11 months. It has been the only party I have been a member of and have enjoyed the time I spent there. Most of the people I would call friends in this game are members of it. Right after the election I will stop over to IFP HQ, clean out my desk, and say some good byes. Would give out some kisses but John Gormley never got us any female members, and fenrile does not count, (inside joke).

We are Home
We have been quite on where we were going in America and what state we were renting. If you have not figured it out we have agreed to rent North Dakota. We will be paying the American Government 200 gold a month for the property. Phase one of this project was to fight all over the place to get us there. We have a bit of clean up work but are almost done that phase. Phase two is going to be a mass evacuation of Ireland not seen since the famine, with all of us moving to North Dakota. I will explain why below. Phase three will be to make this work economically. Not going to finish that this weekend, Octavious is finalizing our plans. The next CP will have to run with that.

So when we mop everything back up we will have our 6 original regions in Ireland and one conquered region of North Dakota. It is a strange thing to get your head around, you can live in North Dakota and work in Dublin. There will be TD’s from North Dakota, in essence it is like a 7the region of Ireland. There is one big different though. If any one wants to attack our original regions it will be difficult because we will keep enough MPP that it will be a difficult to take them. If they want to take North Dakota from us they can start a resistance war any time. The cost to start a resistance war is 50 gold plus one gold for every 4 citizens living in that region. So to protect our new high recourse area we all have to move there to make the cost of starting a resistance war prohibited, get most of us there and cost could be 400 gold. We stay in Ireland and it is 50 gold. If we all are going to live there we will need a Q5 hospital there. We have one in reserve and are going to put it there. Takes a bit to get your head around. So moving truck are being packed all over Ireland right now. Special Ryan air flights are full and flying from the new terminal to Fargo North Dakota.

I asked Connor Larkin last night if he would look after this mass movement over the next couple of days. If you need tickets please send a PM to him for now. We will get a better ticket distribution system set up. If you got the money please jump on a plane and go over there. The original job of planning this war could only be done by 2 to 4 people to maintain secrecy. This phase of the project can be done by everyone. Put out shouts, tell your friends what the plan is, when you see people on line send them a pm. We need to get the message out to everyone. So would ask everyone to jump in and give a hand getting people over there. Irish are great at spreading things by world of mouth. We will have to update the new citizen message and get some of them to move there asap.

It would be nice to know a little about our new home. I am asking Ivan the minister of information to do an article on the state. Anyone else that wants to write an article on the area or find some Americans that live there in real life to tell us where the best place are to get a pint, feel free. Reminds me, as Irish conor the real world they leave one monument to there conquest. That is a Irish Pub in every city in the world. I have heard stories of people going to Shanghi China and finding a Patty from down the road behind the bar. Keeping this tradition, we should open up a food company, kind of like the name Mc Moo’s Irish Pub but will take suggestions below.

Working together
We had a lot of success this month and some very near failures. Time will tell if it was economically justified or not. I just want to acknowledge the one thing we gained from this experience that seems not to be not talked about. This mission brought us all together for a comment goal. When the country was minutes away from being wiped out it really did not matter what party you were in or what you were accused of doing in the past. We all pulled together to make this a success. I really hope that that is the lasting legacy of this adventure and we do not revert back into political fighting . If you think I am expatriating look at this, Three people who have all had there share of articles wrote about them, all have or are currently contributing this month, BB, PP, and Dub. So thank you to them and thank you to every one else who pulled together though this. When we turned all our energy outward instead of in fighting we accomplished a lot. Collective pats on the back.

The North
Northern Ireland was conquered by Ireland. What a way to finish the month. Nothing else to say on that. How am I doing Nial?

Finial note: Dylan Stagered in late the next Day and has photographic proof that yes they were both women. Sorry Fiona I am still spelling challenged.


Org o Irish
Org o Irish Day 955, 10:39

You did great Moo

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 955, 10:55

I really hope that the people of ireland will make the right choice, and defend North Dakota when the time will come, for the sake of their future!

castaneda Day 955, 11:11

Well Done Moo , This month flew in , Quickest month EVER, Bet it doesn't feelthat way to u though?

Fair play on NI

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 955, 11:14


JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 955, 11:15

Hail Eíres Empire

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Day 955, 11:16

WD moo and hope you decide to run for president again in the future.

Paschoall Day 955, 11:36

Damn, eIreland was good choice !!!


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 955, 12:16

I really don't know what to say to this.

gonzo914 Day 955, 12:38

North Dakota is home to the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, which has the country's foremost Forensic Music and Music Pathology department. The department is chaired by that renowned music pathologist Peter Schickele, who is also it's only member.

Another faculty member of renown is Professor Sven "Chainsaw" Swenson, the leader of a particularly militant chapter of the American Association of University Professors, which has thwarted several attempts by the university administration to revoke Prof. Schickele's tenure.

North Dakota's state motto is "North Dakota -- Colder than South Dakota but not quite so cold as Canada."

The state stone is the snowball and the state gem is the dirt clod.

These are generally very wholesome people, as evidenced by the facts that the state dance is the square dance and the state beverage is milk, so it is surprising that North Dakota is also the only state in the US where mopery has been legalized. The rationale behind this piece of legislation was that there just isn't much else to do in North Dakota in February.

Famous North Dakotans -- Lawrence Welk, Sacagawea, and that's about it.

Heindrich Gruber
Heindrich Gruber Day 955, 13:43

You have done a brilliant job Moo, and I wish you luck. Under your leadership eIreland has changed for the better, and let us hope that continues.

Nice work 🙂

Cpl Useless
Cpl Useless Day 955, 15:09

North Dakota's state motto is "North Dakota -- Colder than South Dakota but not quite so cold as Canada."

good stuff there, lol'd

Dylanb9216 Day 955, 15:32

Same here John.

einberliner Day 955, 16:33

Moo - o7

That says all I want and need to.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 955, 16:47

My commiserations to Mrs Moo.
Get the hell back in there, before she boots ya.
o7 Boss.

GLaDOS Day 956, 01:45

the north will be ours soon enough, but I might just recommend to our armed forces that we let you keep dakota, seeing as you'll never be able to break even on a 200 gold rent~

Citizen woods
Citizen woods Day 956, 06:43

great job moo you did us all proud,
know back to RL for a sleep...

Tak178 Day 956, 21:27


Go suck an egg. Perhaps several. We'll make sure you pay dearly for the attempt.

Alexis Spider
Alexis Spider Day 957, 08:15

Only a foolish redcoat would think we Irish couldn't pay for things.

But this has been a fine presidency, easily the best I've seen in my months playing eRep. I look forward to watching us expand onwards from our weird rent-acquisition/war.

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