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Presidential update

Day 953, 11:44 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
Most Important battle in Irish history

This game has its good days and bad days. Last night had potential to be both. The most historic battle in Ireland was fought with England in the SE. Ireland was a big target for Phoenix. Gordon Gecko fought 73 times putting up a huge total in damage and was battle hero till the closing minute. Our lady FM Grainne and Donut were just behind Gordon putting up impressive totals. Donut could be heard yelling “not in my real life home”. The damage totals can be found here. The wall was at 335K with about 8 minutes to go in the battle and Phoenix tanks hit it. Within seconds the wall was dropping 100K at a time. It got down to 88 K and my finger nails were gone. If the SE had fallen the possibility of loosing the whole country was a reality. Then we fought back. Our countries strongest soldier, Snake, started to fire away all guns blazing. Snake does more damage firing a Q5 weapon and using wellness packs then anyone else in our country. The IDF supplied snake to tank for us, and he did massive damage and got the wall back up with the help of many others. The country was saved and now has the initiative.

On a side note, we also retreated from New Jersey last night after Drinking all the Beer at the Shore. Search parties are being sent out to look for Dylan who is missing after a wild night there. He was last seen walking down the board walk with two women shouting “to hell with the bad weather at home”. Anyone with information on his where about please report them to the eGarda, lol. Things are getting interesting when Ireland retreating from NJ it is just an “oh by the way” comment at the end of a story.

Presidential Pardon

With the ePowers investeted in me by the citizens of our great nation, I hereby pardon Padrick Pierce for crimes against the state. . Some citizens might not like this decision and others petitioned me on his behalf. He is a rogue, scoundrel, and all out character. He has done things that make you shake your head and said things that make you cringe. But at the end of the day he is an Irish man and our rogue. I would much rather have him getting up to mischief then the foreign PTOer we have in our country now any day. Funny to think of the days when complaining about PP was all we had to do. We gave his new character citizenship last night and he has promised me he would be on good behaviour. He is itching to get in on all the excitement So PP is on Double Secret Probation, do not trust him with your wallet, but except him as one of us.

Profiteering / Irish Markets

I have appointed a new Minister. Nail H has accepted the position of Economic Regulatory minister, sorry Nail no minister car with that title. His job will be to stop the profiteering in the market. This war has brought a great boost to our economy and business. Some business owners have doubled and tripled there prices as a result. Others have suffered being stuck behind enemy lines. I am a member of a right wing party and am a proud capilist. But we can not have business taking advantage of the situation; make a reasonable profit, yes. Extort the Irish Citizens no. Some patriotic Irish citizens have been accused of doing that, and that is wrong. Some business had prices high to build up inventory when the boom hit and should not be falsely accused. Others have worked hard to keep prices down. I asked Nail to first contact all business owners personally and ask them nicely to maintain prices to make a reasonable profit. If they do not comply we will name and shame them and contact there employees and tell them who they are working for. Business owned by foreign citens will have there governments contacted. This is not a witch hunt; but we need all sectors of our society working together for the country. In addition, shortages in the market are being worked on. If your business is stuck behind lines look into purchasing an export licence at a reduced cost of only 5 gold. Things will get back to normal soon.


We fought and won a historic battle last night
Retreating for NJ and PP being pardon are only minor news on a day like this
Dylan is missing after a night out
We are reacting to market problems


addman619 Day 953, 11:48

Nice article Moo 😃

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 953, 11:56

good work moo

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 953, 12:00

all good

Waruda Day 953, 12:01

Snake is the home town hero! 😃

CelticTiger211 Day 953, 12:05

Sound update thanks

Dubhthaigh Day 953, 12:54

Great update!

Not to mention we now have a new constitution 🙂

gonzo914 Day 953, 12:59

Yes, PP is a bounder and a cad and quite the scalawag. I think he is, at heart, a pirate, but to my knowledge, he has never given away Cork.

As for the profiteering -- Gonzo's Finest G-Irish Stout has been and will continue to be priced below cost for the duration of this little contretemps, or at least until I get fed up and raise the price back up. But for right now, buy up while I'm still feeling patriotic.

(Those of you who don't like gonzo can take heart in the fact that every Q4 bottle of stout you buy costs him money.)

Dylanb9216 Day 953, 13:15

I'm never coming back!

irishbhoy1967 Day 953, 13:22

Ok Gonzo, I'll take 8 kegs.

gonzo914 Day 953, 13:36

irishbhoy -- There are 90 kegs on the market right now, so have at them. I have even added staff so I can lose money faster. Seems like there are lots of folks pounding the streets looking for work right now. I wonder why.

supermaghe Day 953, 13:54

Great update, great style. 🙂

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 953, 14:51

Great work moo. Possibly the best Taoiseach ever?

Oh, and don't worry about Dylan. I'm sure he'll stagger in at 4 in the morning as drunk as a skunk!! 🙂

I think Niall should also be on the watch for those companies that purposefully tank a market, lowering the prices by 100% or more, especially when prices in the particular market were NOT raised during the war.

This only hurts all the other companies in the market as well as the employees. If we arent going to let supply and demand run it's course, then social protection must be placed at both end of the spectrum.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 953, 17:05

Who ARE those chicks?
Send P_P to find him, Boss, now he's official again. 'Cause even Dylan can't handle two, at once.
Maybe at the start of the evening...but certainly not at hometime 😛

caladbolg Day 953, 18:13

Are you sure that with the beer goggles you can confirm thier gender? I mean Dylan walking around with 1 chick is pretty hard to believe, but 2 I mean come on lets be honest here.

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 953, 18:42

Dylan, listen to Cal. Check the size of the wrists and if the girls have adam's apples. If it's too late, I hope you had fun. It'll be alright. Nobody's judging you.

einberliner Day 953, 18:54

Damn skippy I was shouting that lol and fair play for picking the one thing I was shouting with no cuss words in.

And ah, Dylan, it was nice to know you.


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 953, 19:53


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 953, 19:54


Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 953, 21:18

I've warmed up to PP, so I'm not upset. He is a dedicated fighter. We just have to keep him in Q1's so he doesn't get into other mischief. 😉

Dylanb9216 Day 954, 02:57

Cal I am alomost certain they may have been females.....

nexus2012 Day 954, 05:54

Congratulations Ireland, epic win!

King Connell
King Connell Day 954, 06:42

Glad to hear something is being done about the profiteering which I brought to attention.

@Dash, I don't think anyone would be complaining about prices being dropped other than the company owners of course. Especially when the companies are still making a profit.

@Pardon I have no idea why the heck we should be talking about PP, he's been p much constantly scamming people. Why the heck would we want to give him citizenship? So he can scam people as an Irish person?
No idea what possessed anyone to give him citizenship, a pardon or even mention him...

btw PP, oh yes I did 😛

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 954, 08:16

"may have been"
go to the medic-tent in the Field Hosp, Dylan, better safe than sorry 😛
anti-biotics, u gotta be in awe 🙂

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 955, 06:11

Uhm, day 955, NJ.
That HAS to be a contender, for craziest battle.
OM*G yes.
/me still shivering, post-rumble.

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 955, 07:08

MVP for NJ goes to Grainne and Useless

o7 21

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