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Presidential Update - What Happened? And Whats Next?

Day 2,098, 10:03 Published in India USA by srachit

Good Day Citizens of India,
I would like to firstly apologise for the recent inactivity in media and in ingame messages that I have shown recently. I had been a bit occupied in real doing some university shopping as my university is starting in less than a months time now.
But I assure you, I did not forget about India, I have been continuously working with the Croatians, Albanians and the Indian government to work out a way to get us out of the recent mess the Training War has gotten us into.


I am sure everybody is wondering, what exactly happened. The rules of this TW were simple, both sides had agreed upon it in the public and yet we failed to release Indian regions. I am sure many people are wondering how did India manage to lose a RW that Croatia wanted us to win. Well I shall clear all your questions today.

The reason India lost a RW that Croatia wanted us to win was because Croatia did not entirely want us to win. Croatia is currently undergoing a civil war of sorts. Know the ICP vs Yuuva fights we have every now and then? Well take that and scale is by 100 times, thats how bad the situation is in Croatia.

The reason many Croatians fought against us was not because they did not want to see India get its freedom, it was because they wanted to crush all the deals the other side got into. Due to this power struggle in Croatia, India has had to pay.

My government and I take full responsibility of what happened as we should have researched into the situation of Croatia a little bit more before we did get into this agreement, but due to the little amount of time the admins provided us to prepare for this tournament we did not manage to do that research.


Now that is the story of what happened, so what is next? Well the Indian government is currently discussing all the options that are open to us and I assure the people of India we shall take any and all possible steps to try and secure us a region in time for congress elections.

But we must accept the fact that we may not have a region released till after congress elections. I am instructing the congress and Foreign Affairs department to propose all and any proposals India requires, so that we may function for a month without a congress.


In our entire TW mix up problem, India's latest achievement has been pushed into the shadows. I would like to congratulate every Indian citizen for doing an amazing job in the recent tournament that was held by the admins.

Due to everyones hard work and massive damage output, India successfully managed to place 11th in this tournament, losing out to Australia for the 10th spot by a mere few percent.

In this context I would like to congratulate and thank Hamturk for the massive amount of damage he did for India. He placed 1st in India and contributed to around 11% of India's damage in this tournament.


Closure of Ministry

This is to inform the citizens of India that the Ministry of Babyboom and Expansion will be closed and not function for the remainder of this term. The reason being because this ministry did not get any support nor was anyone willing to work towards a baby boom. I contacted around 10-15 people requesting them to take up the post of Minister in this Ministry, my offer was either rejected or I was out right ignored by all of them. I felt I could manage this ministry on my own with all my other duties as President, but sadly I have been proven wrong.

If anyone wants to see this ministry reopened and is willing to work towards a baby boom feel free to send me a message.

President of India



lHonouR Day 2,098, 11:32

I actually LoLed....same old Croation shit 😛

Croatia was never going to return usual...Anyways we are ourselves to blame and no one else

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,098, 11:51

same old cryatian shit... X2

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,098, 11:58

Rachit - you have realised that the game and eLife is not the same as it used to be back when you played. I do not understand why you went for CP - perhaps you were deluded or prodded by silly dodos who do nothing but talk. (but then thats what you do as well!)

Do you realise NOW that diplomacy in the good old days was based around admins who weren't that greedy and who let a small nation have its importance.l (ie - Karnataka in India was really too expensive to RW or maintain without the host nation's approval) NOW, host nation means nothing, you got cash, you got it dont need any "respect" especially not from a little nation!

You made the big mistake of thinking everything was like when

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,098, 12:06

You made the big mistake of thinking everything was like when YOU stopped playing the game. OOPS!!!

Values/investor pressuure changed. Now MIGHT is RIGHT and you trust idiots from a certain C nation cos you don't listen to what our guys tell you. You come in being the superhero game changer without even undertsanding how the game is played? Grow up kid... face facts.

Im not really insulting you, I kept my peace while you campaigned. But you need to learn real life! YYou got through college... great.. you should now know what real world is. What idiots and sycophants are,

This game will teach you to grow up and know fiends from hangers on (though you have been guilty of getting carried away in the past and thinking you were awesome... cos yes, you worked hard as a kid and you did some amazing stuff) Now as a teenager/semi adult./... wake up - life changes, know what's true... the game is eerily similar to it.

Need guidance? dont buzz me!! i rarely logon. See who is trying to help you ... and spend time with them. Make your CP rebirth mean something!! or just go delete your acc and stop mouthing "I love India"

sorry I was harsh but you arent doing what you should.... trust me I have done my call of duty 30 times over (each time being a month) ... dont lecture me .. and i care a frog's arse about anyone who call sme a quitter. Thyey just dont know me and can go fark themselves.

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,098, 12:07

did I say Croatains are opportunistic losers?

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,098, 12:08

Damn why did I wait so long to tell the truth... did I also say you are an idiot? : P and you have .. ermm... ridiculous advisors? (maybe you dont have any!! ego run hot?)

Khurram Soul Collector Day 2,098, 13:49

Comment deleted

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 2,098, 13:49

Damn, somebody emptied a bottle of Vodka!

David Selva
David Selva Day 2,098, 23:24

correction whiskey

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,098, 15:03

Comment deleted

Arrlo Day 2,099, 10:33

Reported, obviously

Exclusive Day 2,099, 11:09

Penalized, obviously 😛

Ravi09 Day 2,099, 04:20

Well I knew this was coming, they didn't mean to return any regions to us as they knew about the defence shields (which we also knew of course) . In 1st place we should have never agreed upon giving jharkhand(our last stand) to them, I even tried to point out this before TW at IRC, but who listens to a low strength player??

TheJakal Day 2,099, 04:39

Time India accepts TWO can save them and work towards that.

ultimatewinner Day 2,099, 08:25

eIndia will never learn its lessons and keep making deals with eCrotia who slap us left and right. If somebody make fool of you once, its shame on them but if somebody make fool of you again and again then shame on you.

RajZip Day 2,099, 08:30

What do you mean you didn't get support? You won the elections and you have no support to form a group of 10 ppl? You should have put up a media article asking for help in the formation and highlighting the plans...

AnishJain Day 2,099, 08:41

.seen srachit


L A U T Y Day 2,099, 09:41

i thought i would stay quite but now i dont think i should

u cried in the media about what you were gonna do n what u had done
let me pick up your points and reply since i didnt reply that article

1) Activity - I have been much more active in the government for the past 2 months than my opponent. He has held no position in the government
where is your activity when you are the CP? leaving the country after wiping it out is cool right?

2) All round experience - I have experience in every module of this game and have proved myself in each.
Didnt your all round experience tell you never deal with your enemy ?

3) I know India and the eWorld - Thanks to my activity in the Indian government and activity as MoFA, I not only have a clear understanding of the Indian situation but also a clear understanding of the eworld. I understand where India needs to work and what is keeping us back, I understand who in the eworld is trustworthy and who is out to get their 10/10 bonus not caring about anyone else.

i loled at this

next time for God Sake please dont fool the people
planning is one thing, Execution is other

100 bakriyo(goats) ke aage sher rakh do toh bakri bi sher ban jaate hai
100 shero ke aage ek bakri rakh do toh sher bi dher(destroy) ho jayega

Hobblit Day 2,099, 09:45


Arrlo Day 2,099, 10:36

srachit made an agreement with us in good faith and it was violated because trolls were too malicious to want India to have congress or for the Croatian government to succeed in its aims, and the majority of us were too lazy and reckless to ensure the deal was honoured.

Decide what you want about us, but accept my apologies as sincere.

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,099, 11:19

Same old croatian excuse...

Arrlo Day 2,099, 11:55

It's not an excuse, it's simply an explanation. Take it or leave it, I don't care.

This wasn't srachit's fault.

ultimatewinner Day 2,099, 17:08

Comment deleted

Arrlo Day 2,099, 22:59

That is incorrect. The original deal was followed to the letter when we first signed it, and our president was hoping to return to that spirit of Croatian-Indian cooperation.

This wasn't to be thanks to disorganisation and one MU causing problems in the first RW and idiots fighting to keep the shield in the second.

I know it won't mean much but the government will continue to try to find a solution so you are not wiped for congress elections.

ultimatewinner Day 2,099, 23:10

Somehow I deleted my own comments. OK, so you are 'Arrlo' same guy who said last time too that eCroatia should have left eIndia (when eIndia asked for it instead of occupying it) so I should say you are one of the good guy who are at least true to your words (and say it publicly too) but unfortunately you don't have enough support in your country.

Royal Nexus Arch I
Royal Nexus Arch I Day 2,099, 11:05

i am ready to take the ministry of baby boom but it needs many people working as a team and not individually...

Srinjoy Sarkar
Srinjoy Sarkar Day 2,099, 23:18

@ srachit- this is not the 1st time we have been betrayed by Croatia.

2nd i am ready to take the post of minister of babyboom.

Adithyavarman Day 2,100, 06:02

when i wrote a article about CP elections the only question they askeds was..DO U KNW ANYTHNG ABT THE GAME????....nw i wanna ask those intelligent people the same question...intellgence do not come with exp..its a trait!!

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