Presidential Manifesto: Revive our Republic

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Presidential Manifesto: Revive our Republic

Salut madams and monsieurs,

The lantern that has been lighting Switzerland’s path through the tunnel grows dimmer and dimmer each day. Soon, my dear friends, I am afraid that our lovely Swiss-made lantern will simply cease to exist... and when that day comes, who knows what new horrors will besiege the very survival of our community. Dark times are approaching, but so too is a bright future if we make the right decisions.

What Switzerland needs right now is unity. Switzerland needs change. Switzerland needs to be revived. And that is why I come to you today to announce my candidacy for December 2013 Country President of Switzerland. As President, I will undoubtedly put all of my efforts into reviving our republic. It is time for a strong leader to step up to the plate and revive our increasingly inactive community, revive our diplomatic endeavors to secure our homeland, and revive our sense of unity within the community. Tough times call for tough measures, and that is why it is time to elect a pragmatic, charismatic leader. I have been Switzerland’s President, Vice President, and Minister of Foreign Affairs countless times in the past; and I am ready to accept the new challenges that lay ahead as Switzerland’s next President.

Every day, divisions within the Swiss community continue to grow rampant. We must stop such political infighting immediately; together, we have the ability to cooperate and mend our differences, shedding light on a new era in Swiss history where the Swiss people once more will fight for their freedom - together. Now is the time to set aside rash actions and instead foster rational behavior. Now is the time to maintain our composure, and draft clear, concise, and efficient solutions.

No longer shall we look in the past; together, we will invest in our future. Make your voice heard. Make your vote count. Vote Monsieur Guillontine for Country President! Revive our Republic!

Let's fight. Fight for peace.

Yours truly,
Monsieur Guillontine
Presidential Candidate

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