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Day 1,782, 11:52 Published in North Korea North Korea by Kim Jong Paek

today we'll give to all of you a great new, Our Honorate President MEIFAWAN has been reconfirmed as President of North Korea, with 54.00% of preferences against the 34% of the other candidate.
Our hope is that she can made this country the Best of World!



Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,782, 18:25

Meifawan isn't working for North Korea she is only helping china so stop talking like if she was good for us!

Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,783, 05:22

this newspaper work for the Government of DPRK, so i must talk about Our President... you must do the same honey

Commander Kim
Commander Kim Day 1,783, 15:23

Really? Has the government acknowledged that you are a state newspaper?

We don't have to do $#!+

But thank you, Kim Jong Paek, for basically admitting you're a puppet for MeiFaWan.

Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,784, 09:54

i'm not a puppet of anyone! i work for DPRK... if the president i MEIFAWAN i work for her, if the president are you i work for you... in North Korea it works as this!
in the Realtiy the Choson Sinbo is the State Journal, the Wall Journal that you find into the metro and on the walls of the streets...

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