Presidential elections coverage – April 2009

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Dear citizens,

The 17th presidential elections in the New World have just ended a few hours ago. This month's elections were held during the weekend, like in most real life countries. Around 20 000 citizens visited the polls yesterday, electing the following presidents:

Argentina – dajuliani
Australia – patti11
Austria – Metallon
Bosnia and Herzegovina – interwal
Brazil – Antonio Salgado
Bulgaria - Bimba
Canada - Bruck
Chile - Purohueso
China - Mimihitam
Croatia - Roby Petric
Czech Republic - radim*
Denmark - HrBjorn
Finland - Simppa
France - droopy32*
Germany - Starkad Rorlikson
Greece - Makoulian
Hungary – Feherlofia Koppany
Indonesia - Don Agung
India – BroodRoosterNL
Iran - milad_dante
Ireland - Top Gun
Israel - Sadeh Badeh*
Italy - Catone
Japan – Akki*
Malaysia - Sudirman
Mexico - Dishmcds
Moldavia - Pan Halippa
Netherlands - dionysus
Norway - Marginaldefeat
Pakistan - AgentChieftain
Philippines - Big Boy Bulley
Poland - miudyk*
Portugal - Arthk
Romania - dani36
Russia - borges16
Serbia - Lipec
Singapore - Arbryn*
Slovakia - whiteenergy
Slovenia - Karantanec
South Africa - Jizzie McGuire*
South Korea - PowerSweden
Spain – Fredy
Sweden - Algaroth*
Switzerland - Dio Brando*
Thailand - Bl1ndn3ss*
Turkey - ImHoTeP1907
Ukraine - Imre Norbert*
United Kingdom – malta_1990
USA – scrabman
Venezuela - Lesmir Ledezma

Twelve of the fifty presidents elected yesterday have received a vote of confidence from their electorate, being chosen for a consecutive mandate (presidents marked with “*”). Citizens from the United States have also confirmed scrabman
as President, who was put in charge of the highest office after the impeachment of former President Uncle Sam. Croatia's first president Roby Petric was elected again, after comfortably winning the third presidential elections in the country's history. This is Roby Petric's fourth presidential mandate, as he was also also elected twice as President of the United States.

Yesterday's most voted candidate was the new Hungarian President Feherlofia Koppany, who is also the youngest president elected this month. He received 1368 votes, followed by the Romanian President dani36 and scrabman. The highest number of votes were recorded in Romania, where 2770 citizens made use of their right to vote.

There were tight presidential races in Pakistan and Argentina, the winners being elected with a difference of one, respectively two votes. The presidents of Finland, South Africa, Spain, and Mexico were also narrow winners, receiving only five votes more than their contenders. Dishmcds will face a new challenge as the president of Mexico, after previously leading the United States and United Kingdom.

We would like to congratulate all the newly elected Presidents and wish them good luck in the following month.

The eRepublik Team