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Presidential "Elections"

Day 1,960, 16:54 Published in Pakistan United Kingdom by Dishmcds
As I write this, you're going to complain that I'm "against" Pakistan in some way. Frankly, I don't care what you think in terms of what my intentions are. I am here to serve Pakistan in the best way Pakistan has ever seen, which is to bring Dio and glory to it. Something you should probably look up if you do not understand.


Over the last three days or so, I've received tons of PMs. For a country of 10 people, that means I've gotten like 15. They all want me to support one of two candidates in this election. Honestly, when I candidated I did so as a joke since no candidate had approached us for our support, and that support should be earned, not expected. You have to work for it, goddamnit.

We'll see how many get this image

Below, I am going to list everything that the candidates thus far have promised to do for Pakistan:

1. Work Hard
2. Let other people do stuff, too

Yeah. You can imagine that I was less than inspired by this, and anyone with more than a couple of months in Erepublik, and any experience whatsoever knows that it takes a little more than that.

So, unless one of you two can come up with a halfway decent plan of what you intend to do with Pakistan, how you intend to incorporate Dio into your revival of this great nation (just a small tip, the only way you're going to get the support of the greatest party in Pakistan is by incorporating Dio in some way), and some actual ideas, I intend to stay where I am on the list.

If by some weird event I end up on the ballot, I suppose I'll write up a "VOTE FOR ME YEAH YEAH YEAH" article. Otherwise, get to work. Your lack of effort is depressing.

Just Another Guy
Who Happens to be a Dioist


Hammad157 Day 1,961, 05:09

Your article has one valid point and that is your party is being neglected and that is wrong. You and your party should play a role in governing Pakistan. I mean there should be more agenda of all parties so that there is equality amongst all and no one feels left out.

TheJakal Day 1,961, 05:38

Dear dishcmds, DPP has had a strategy for ePakistan which we have followed, our objective was to align ourselves with local neighbouring countries and we have finally hit that milestone. We required a supply program this is the longest running supply program in ePakistan's history. There are increased military units that are operating hence better fullfillment of daily orders. We've encouraged and introduced new people into ePakistan and will continue to do so, we have also supported dioist governments not just helping them win the presidential elections but pretty much filling many key cabinet positions.

I quite frankly don't understand what you expect? a red carpet? VIP invitation? Donations? For you to turn around and say we haven't worked hard is proposterous. There is only so much a CP can do and our past candidates have done it. Granted there is room for improvement but as they say rome wasn't built in a day.

Kind Regards


ComKar Day 1,961, 06:41


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