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Presidential Debate Conclusion

Day 1,903, 09:59 Published in Ireland Australia by Elite C

Well here it is the Presidential Debate February 2013
/with most of the crap cut out/

Candidates: Brian Boru and Marinko Margarinn
Moderater: Elite C
Judges: Elite C, MrConway, Kurgan, Domagojvu II

<EliteC> Rules and Regulations/T+C
<EliteC> I will ask each question submitted
<EliteC> Each candidate will in turn give a response, then hey can b1tch with each other for 3 mins
<EliteC> Then we will move on to next question
<EliteC> Gach Duine, tá áthas orm cun diospoireacht sin a thosaigh!

<EliteC> Question 1: Many have said that the Irish economy is in a bad state. Ireland until recently could only afford 4 MPP's and thanks to asecondchance we got a 5th. What will you as PResident do to ensure there is an adequte amount in the treaury to provide weapons for the Government MU, to afford MPP's. And what will you do to stabilise growth?
<BrianBoru> Wow, that's a broad question.
<BrianBoru> Who's first?
<marinkomargarin> ^^
<EliteC> Marinko Margarinn has been drawn first
<marinkomargarin> k,
<marinkomargarin> as I said in my plans, all I want to is improving our finances, with many ways... like renting orgs to those who really are trustworthy and got Irish Cs, trying to get some invest with interest of 1-2% and with that money we could improve our earnings from MM, if MM still continues to be bad as now is we'd get on 1.000,000 30,000 of pure profit thats not bad at all

<EliteC> Brian Boru please
<BrianBoru> The main financial plan I've been following is quite long term, as devised as necessary by Appleman. It is effectively to reduce costs that would sink the country, call on the patriotism of our fellow citizens to fund particular strikes, increase Army efficiency and look for revenue pretty much anywhere we can find it.
<BrianBoru> Renting orgs we ruled out because of the risk of them being misused
<EliteC> Thanks lads. Do the judges have any questions first please?
<marinkomargarin> you're over so I can stand my opinion about renting?

<BrianBoru> A loan would be good, but my Minister for Finance has said that it would require an interest free loan to be worth it
<BrianBoru> I'm not finished lol
<EliteC> Let the judgs go first
<BrianBoru> Can I finish first please? >.>
<BrianBoru> Would be nice.
<EliteC> Alright

<EliteC> Anyone else with questions PM me
<BrianBoru> If Appleman and Nogin agree that a loan at 1-2% is worth it, then I will seek out a loan.
<BrianBoru> I do not operate as a dictator, I use the capabilities of our best financial minds as much as my own judgment
<BrianBoru> My government is of right now, still seeking an interest free loan
<BrianBoru> We are not sitting idly, in other words
<BrianBoru> Finished.
<Conway> marinkomargarin: You spoke before about getting a loan. Do you have one prepared?
<marinkomargarin> Conway: no, but I'm sure I could find it in day or two

<Conway> Interest free or at a price?
<marinkomargarin> 1-2% at most

<EliteC> Question from Viewer: Would a loan with Interest not bankrupt us in the longrun?
<--| MikiST has left #PresidentialDebateIRL
<marinkomargarin> now it wouldn't for sure, as I said if I could get us 2% loan on 1m we'd have 10k of free money, on 1% 20k free money etc. etc.

<EliteC> ok
<EliteC> Anyone have questions for BrianBoru
<marinkomargarin> and I'd like to say one thing about orgs if possible?

<BrianBoru> It wouldn't bankrupt us, but at the same time, if the profit from the MM is only 1 or 2 percent, then we'd make nothing and we'd be wasting our time. A Croatian group rescinded their loan with Ireland on that basis before
<BrianBoru> It can happen again
<EliteC> BrianBoru : Question from Viewer: Will you not do the same thing financially next term as this?

<Domagojvu_II> BrianBoru:you have previous month to improve our economy, and you didn't improve it how we supose to trust that you are capable to improve things in long term run 😮
<BrianBoru> There are several options this coming term that we didn't have last term.
<BrianBoru> The MM is changing again, slowly.
<BrianBoru> As is the financial situation of our allies
<EliteC> And our financial situation?
<BrianBoru> Can I answer one question at a time thanks 😛
<EliteC> Take your time
<BrianBoru> I will act on the situation as it develops, and that will inevitably mean a different course from last month
<BrianBoru> Because things are changing
<BrianBoru> Last month was effectively a bottoming out of the world economy
<BrianBoru> But that may not continue to be the case, even if admin reforms aren't coming yet
<BrianBoru> As for Domu's question

<BrianBoru> I did improve our economy: I insured that the government didn't go bankrupt from MUFC's previous military spending, something that I assume Marinko would like to continue with funding from sources in Croatia
<BrianBoru> That is all I could do given the robbery
<BrianBoru> Not to mention the state of the world economy
<EliteC> Thanks
<EliteC> Question from Viewer: A countrys national orgs were recently perm banned for misuse, how can MM ensure the Irish ones are not misused?
<EliteC> for both^
<BrianBoru> If we rent out orgs, we can't.
<BrianBoru> End of.
<EliteC> marinko?
<marinkomargarin> How can I be sure, thats easy orgs wouldn't be handed to everyone, for orgs you'll have to deposit 50g and the daily pay for it is 1.1g so we'll need to find trustworthy guys from Ireland to rent orgs to them

<EliteC> Thank You
<BrianBoru> But an org is worth WAY more than 50g in the long term
<BrianBoru> That's a very poor defence
<marinkomargarin> BrianBoru: we have more than 5 orgs that we don't use

<BrianBoru> So you're saying we should sell them for 50G?
<BrianBoru> We may need them in future
<marinkomargarin> no its not selling them

<BrianBoru> We should keep them for when things are better

<marinkomargarin> its renting, and we could get from them 84gold per month

<marinkomargarin> with which we could get more money on other orgs...

<BrianBoru> According to who's calculations?
<BrianBoru> Yours?
<marinkomargarin> yes.

<BrianBoru> The Finance Department is far less optimistic about their profitability, and I suspect they're in a better position to see than you are.
<marinkomargarin> Already had talks with our MoF, and had talks with one of the best guys about economics in this game, Croatian CP dSoKre.

<Conway> Marinko is Appleman your MoF?
<marinkomargarin> Conway: yes he is

<BrianBoru> Your reliance on the Croatians to fish Ireland out of the economic mess your party mate left us with is quite obvious
<BrianBoru> Croatian orgs made 25G tops in the good times
<Conway> Appleman is running on his current system with BrianBoru, if he felt org renting was good I'm sure he would have had this passed and done.
<BrianBoru> And when orgs are banned, we lose ALL income forever
<BrianBoru> And they can't be replaced
<EliteC> Ok lad, we could stay on about this all night, but we must move on...
<marinkomargarin> Conway: had talks with him, and we'll have many more talks about that to find out whats best for us

<marinkomargarin> BrianBoru ; we can make a lot of profit from renting orgs and it's safe if you rent them to trustworthy citizens like for example Bhane who wanted them, that only gives us profit and we'd use those orgs we aren't using at this moment, not just that would pay for most of our MPP's but there would be enough money left to start new projects and make more money.

<EliteC> Qestion 2: last term Ireland voted to leave EDEN, this term they voted not to join CoT and ASGARD won't have us. Which Alliance do you in your opinion believe is best for Ireland and why? And, with 3 Alliances notsatisfactory/not wanting us have we run out of options?
<EliteC> Marinko is drawn first
<BrianBoru> I might consider Bhane, but he's been having profitability issues himself. If it isn't profitable enough, it won't be worth it regardless
<marinkomargarin> well we left EDEN, we rejected CoT, and ASGARD doesn't want us (Sweden- and we all know why) I'll try to re-open talks with Sweden and ASGARD firstly and maybe will wait to see more new options as EDEN is falling apart, so there could be new alliance that we could be one of founders. Which one is best for us? the one who'll let us have our vote and that will help us no matter what is going...

<marinkomargarin> ...on (same for us).

<EliteC> Thank You.
<EliteC> Brian Boru please.

<BrianBoru> I believe that EDEN will collapse, and a new alliance will rise from the ashes. I've seen the same happen to many alliances over the years, it's practically guaranteed. We got the CoT debate out of the way this month, which was important, because we needed to have a set path for the country. As for Asgard, they're too weak and reliant on EDEN damage, but
<BrianBoru> But then again, so are we
<BrianBoru> I wouldn't object to joining EDEN
<BrianBoru> Sorry, Asgard lol
<BrianBoru> I wouldn't object to joining Asgard
<EliteC> @ Marinkomargarin BrianBoru : Question from Viewer: has asgard said it won't have us, as there are reports that some of its CP's actually would welcome us into it
<BrianBoru> Those reports are correct, but the Swedes don't want us because we invaded them and some of them have personal problems with Carolus here 😛
<BrianBoru> We can overcome them, but we needed to get CoT's question answered first
<marinkomargarin> I think CoT story is finished with this referendum.

<BrianBoru> I pledge to start brisk negotiations if re-elected towards bringing a referendum on the issue to a head
<BrianBoru> Yeah, CoT is finished
<EliteC> Anyone with questions PM them to me. Judges if you have questions go ahead..
<marinkomargarin> Only one swedish party would reject us in Asgard, Swedish president, all Finnish parties,Canadians and everyone else would accept us

<BrianBoru> True, but the problem is that we couldn't enter without the CoT referendum result that we found out
<BrianBoru> Essentially, this term has cleared a large obstacle towards re-alignment with Asgard and our old allies
<BrianBoru> As opposed to some of our new friends
<marinkomargarin> yes thats true, but we have to close that CoT story. Referendum said Ireland does not want to join CoT, and we should move on

<BrianBoru> Marinko, I have just said it: The CoT story is over, I closed it with the holding of the referendum.
<BrianBoru> We have chosen our old friends over new possibilities
<EliteC> Ok, no more questions so we have to move on.....

<EliteC> Question 3: What are the plans for bringing in new people and keeping them here, projects for a possible baby boom? and what can we offer to them to make them stay here?

<Domagojvu_II> BrianBoru:So your term haven't actually solved anything, it was just a big waste of time, are we going to have another refferendum next month if you win
<BrianBoru> ^ Good to see we have neutral judges haha
<Domagojvu_II> someone must to ask that question
<Conway> Domagoju Brian Boru did the right thing

<BrianBoru> A big waste of time: I stopped the government going bankrupt, I solved a major Foreign Affairs question about CoT, I insured that a PTO didn't disrupt politics
<BrianBoru> Conway, you being neutral is also laughable
<BrianBoru> I'm sure Marinko agrees lol
<Conway> we've had months of no progress on Foreign Affairs. Brian Boru pressed ahead and made a choice
<EliteC> Question 3: What are the plans for bringing in new people and keeping them here, projects for a possible baby boom? and what can we offer to them to make them stay here?
<EliteC> Brian was drawn first this time
<marinkomargarin> 😉 we can move on 3rd pls 😛

<BrianBoru> Well, I have bounced several ideas off the Senate this month. We're going to recruit from existing players in various countries with known RL Irish populations
<BrianBoru> America, Australia, Canada etc
<BrianBoru> We haven't done so this month because I wanted to see how Ian's project went
<BrianBoru> As for the new player coming in, I think we just have to involve them early. Not just hand them guns and say "shoot here", but bring them into the community properly
<BrianBoru> That's how we all got involved really
<BrianBoru> This game would be very shit indeed without the community element
<BrianBoru> Done
<EliteC> Thanks. Marinko please.
<marinkomargarin> plans for bringing in new guys is p much same as always, I appointed Ian on that position coz he shown that he's capable of doing awesome job as Minister of Education, all I can do is recruit guys from Facebook, (spamming mode on pages etc.) and could try with some RL Irish guys to get few articles in RL newspapers, and that will get us many new players for sure.

<BrianBoru> May I rebutt that position EliteC?
<EliteC> Anyone have quesions on this issue. Yes you may
<marinkomargarin> there is no much things we could do with that question, only we can do is get over PTO stuff, and try to be united to show them we can function like this. New community games would keep them here aswell

<marinkomargarin> Over.

<BrianBoru> Marinko, that strategy has been tried for years. FB links get you banned on FB, RL newspapers in Ireland are too traditional and so don't care, most of the time.
<BrianBoru> Colleges have been hit with recruitment campaigns, they've also resulted in bans from pages
<BrianBoru> We have to concentrate on getting people who do join to stay, and getting players who already play elsewhere to come to Ireland
<BrianBoru> Not all RL countries care about eRep like the Balkans
<BrianBoru> Unfortunately
<marinkomargarin> Just try ti PM them, and wait for their response if one outta 20 post our text with link we could get few very active citizens here

<marinkomargarin> to*

<Conway> Ive tried myself Marinko. Done a lot of Babyboom work in Ireland. No luck
<EliteC> Question from Viewer: Brian Boru Did you not in this term tighten our boarders and setup a Committe on Imigration? Why is it you now say "getting players who already play elsewhere to come to Ireland"
<BrianBoru> They would be under no less scrutiny than players currently wishing to come to Ireland, and we'd also look into their backgrounds in terms of contributions to their original countries
<BrianBoru> There are many Argentinians who would like to come here for instance
<BrianBoru> But at the same time
<marinkomargarin> A number of noobs being scammed by some irish citizens surely didn't help too...

<BrianBoru> We have to be wary of PTOs
<BrianBoru> Marinko, very true
<BrianBoru> That sort of shit needs to stop
<EliteC> Rebuttle from Viewer: How do check the background?
<BrianBoru> We ask contacts we have in their host countries as well as people who know them in Ireland, we look at their media contributions, former positions in government etc
<BrianBoru> MUs
<BrianBoru> The Committee on Immigration doesn't exist to stop immigration entirely
<BrianBoru> It exists to protect Ireland from dangerous immigrants
<EliteC> Rebuttle from Viewer: Is it not possible they delete their paper, leave MU and Party and delete friends? What do you do then?
<BrianBoru> Otherwise, I suspect many of our finest citizens would not be here
<BrianBoru> EliteC, then they don't get in
<marinkomargarin> ^^
<BrianBoru> If they have a suspicious lack of activity, they don't get in
<BrianBoru> Like I said
<EliteC> ok
<marinkomargarin> but there will be always someone who can tell us who that guy really is...
<BrianBoru> Many of our best aren't from eIreland originally
<BrianBoru> Marinko is right as well
<EliteC> We will move on.
<EliteC> Now this question is a combined of several from viewers
<marinkomargarin> way to go Conway
<marinkomargarin> ...
<Conway> finger slipped
<Conway> 😕
<BrianBoru> Get on with it, Kurgan has behaved himself
<marinkomargarin> don't get it become personal fight

<EliteC> Both: Will you publicly condemn any further PTOs if elected, and will you provide state support by asking IA to help prevent PTOs? And what is you view on the UK
<marinkomargarin> who's first?
<BrianBoru> You
<marinkomargarin> k, thanks
<BrianBoru> Challengers go first
<EliteC> Marinko was drawn first
<marinkomargarin> Yes I'll go public with that for sure. And if there is any real threat that some party could be PTO-ed, I'd provide some ATO actions, will make ATO committee that will be on for any PTO try, and will stop it immediately.
<marinkomargarin> About UK:
<Conway> Then why do you mock the current PTO of THE PATRIOTS?
<EliteC> give him a chance
<marinkomargarin> Well we all know what situation is with UK, if we attack them we'd prolly be down, they are in TWO, we are independent and I'll try to get our relationship going well as it goes now.
<EliteC> thank you
<EliteC> BrianBoru please
<marinkomargarin> Conway: where did I mocked?
<Conway> you claimed Jack only wanted the best for the party, clear mockery of the PTO
<BrianBoru> >.>
<BrianBoru> An Israeli defending me, the irony
<BrianBoru> lol
<marinkomargarin> Conway: let BrianBoru finish this.
<marinkomargarin> than we'll talk bout this 🙂
<Conway> Can you not answer this
<marinkomargarin> Ok I will answer you now,

<BrianBoru> Anyway, I've already acted to stop a PTO getting out of hand: The Patriots
<BrianBoru> Frankly, I don't see that party going anywhere in particular
<BrianBoru> But at the same time
<BrianBoru> The government's job is to defend democracy as much as anything else
<BrianBoru> Screwing that up is not a good thing
<marinkomargarin> Jack told me that he never meant to PTO TP, he said to me he wants to do best for TP etc. etc. he tried ain't he? he published many articles where you just cried didn't even wanted to cooperate aye?
<Conway> He did not try.
<EliteC> Question from Viewer: BrianBoru marinkomargarin : Would any of you consider actively pursuing membership in TWO. Campaigning to get them to consider opening the door to us. Our budding friendliness with UK could provide an opportunity in the future.
<marinkomargarin> what he did with buying votes, thats bad
<Conway> And multis
<marinkomargarin> no, I wouldn't even try to contact TWO...
<BrianBoru> I have talked to TWO people a little bit, the best we could do is join their junior alliance ACT, which would mean we simply take orders from TWO
<BrianBoru> Plus there is the matter of Serbia
<BrianBoru> So no
<EliteC> Thank You and as we run the fear of getting racist.. we'll move on
<BrianBoru> lol
<marinkomargarin> I'll rather say we couldn't get along with being in same alliance as UK and Serbia.
<BrianBoru> As the person who effectively got the Irish Republican movement in eRepublik going, I am very responsible for hostile relations between Britain and the UK.
<BrianBoru> Fact of the matter is that this game has RL borders, and we can use that to further our own ideas about how they should be
<EliteC> Britain and UK
<EliteC> 😛
<BrianBoru> lol
<BrianBoru> ourselves and Britain
<BrianBoru> Apologies
<BrianBoru> Northern Ireland is something we can strive for, one way or another
<BrianBoru> To abandon that pursuit ultimately means no real war
<BrianBoru> Some have suggested attacking Canada to me, I don't view that as a good idea
<BrianBoru> We can remain very friendly with the UK
<EliteC> Why?
<BrianBoru> But tolerating an open statement of imperialism isn't good either
<EliteC> Sorry misinterpritated the thing on canada
<BrianBoru> Oh, Canada
<marinkomargarin> No, thats not good Idea as well, neither is to attack UK nowdays... We should wait for getting us alliance first, than trying to get us war
<marinkomargarin> we'd be wiped in situation like we're in
<BrianBoru> Indeed
<BrianBoru> I don't think we should have left EDEN
<BrianBoru> We have already run into trouble over doing so this term
<BrianBoru> The Chinese CP is pretty pissed as well
<BrianBoru> Either way, relations with the UK are good at the moment
<BrianBoru> While Northern Ireland remains a sticking point, we have no interest in war
<BrianBoru> For the coming term at the very least
<BrianBoru> Further cooperation would have been possible if CoT had been accepted

I would like to thank Brian and Marinko for attending. The other Candidates who were unable to attend sent their apologies.

Also like to thank the judges.

I would like to apologise for not holding debate on a private chat room.
I am working on a Presidential Committee for next month to ensure the voters are accurately informed and a debate can be held with minimum interuption.

Viewer Ratings: The final thoughts of some viewers.
We peaked at about 12:20pm eRep time at 28 viewers. On average we had 22-24.

Brian Boru: 2
Marinko: 1
Deadlocked: 5

Judges scores will be posted as they come in.

Topic [BB / MM]

Persusiveness [ 3 / 3 ] [5]
Mud-Slinging [ 2 / 1 ] [5]
Persistance [ 4 / 3 ] [5]
Overall Inpression [ 8 / 7 ] [10]
Total [ 17 / 14 ] [25]

@Shield 72: I can accept been branded a 'noob' on eRepublik, but I do not accept being called one regarding my intellect or capability to use the interest and computer systems, as per your comment on previous articles.

This article also ends my days of annoying you with several CP articles.
You can read them all here.

A Quick Look at the CP Candidates
Preliminary Poll Results
Candidates History
Candidates Interviews

All the Best,



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 10:11

I refused to score this amateur and bias crap called debate.
Elite C you are disgrace and you downgraded positions of the debate judge and moderators.

You should be banned from similar acts in the future and let someone adult to lead debate in the future.

ps.take your scores and shove it...

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,903, 10:13

"you are disgrace and you downgraded positions of the debate judge and moderators." Explain.

"You should be banned from similar acts in the future"
Why banned?

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,903, 10:22

shield was just mad bro because marinko looks like an idiot in the debate. U did a good job . Fairplay

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,903, 10:25

Marinko debated well and should be proud

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 11:16

Elite C your own words from your previous article:
"Firstly, Conway kicked Viktor and I did not let Viktor back in."

-Why did you not let me in?
You allowed conway to remove one of moderators and as you said you agreed with that.
Can you explain yourself?

Conway did not asked, he attacked Marinko.
I could do the same with Boru but i was the one who was keeping neutral and controlling.
And i would ask further in debate if this incident didn't happen...

Bottom line you let conway remove the only threat to Boru and you didn't penalise him for that.
You only reacted when i as neutral moderator removed Conway his ops, so he can't disturb debate anymore, by you giving him ops back and removing mine....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 11:19

You corrupted neutrality and changed the balance of power in that debate letting kunts like conway in control....

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,903, 12:27

<BrianBoru> And when orgs are banned, we lose ALL income forever
<BrianBoru> And they can't be replaced

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 12:30

Elite C my advice to you is to start giving free food for votes and subs like many losers in this game do.
That is your limit.....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 12:36

<Conway> finger slipped
<BrianBoru> Get on with it, Kurgan has behaved himself
<marinkomargarin> don't get it become personal fight

-Debate was contaminated from this point forward...
Elite C let conway disturb peace and neutrality of this debate...

Bhane Day 1,903, 13:12

"<marinkomargarin> its renting, and we could get from them 84gold per month"

Are you high? Maybe 84g gross return on an 82g investment for a profit of just a few gold per month. But if you are referring to a profit of 84g per org per month, then you are a fool. A profit of 84g per month would mean our country is a billionaire with all the orgs we have.

If EDEN is on the verge of dissolving, then we should work hard to segue as many old EDEN friends as possible into whatever alliance we end up in. Then we would be maintaining our honor and loyalty to our old friends.

<BrianBoru> I insured that a PTO didn't disrupt politics
Didn't me and Brent do that by giving safe harbor to cheeky refugees?

Everyone suggests baby booms, but I really like the new idea mentioned here. Go get existing players who have ties to eIrish loyalties. Find old friends that may have moved to other countries, and bring them home. we could call it "Project Homecoming". Imagine the strength we could add to our nation just by adding all our international eIrish friends back under our roof. Kudos for Project Homecoming.

Bhane Day 1,903, 13:23

This would be a great monthly event to have. keep up the good work, C.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 13:30

Bhane you gave "shelter" to kunts to get your party in top 5 and run for congress.
And by doing that you fked independent voices who were 5th party and had every legit right to run on elections.

Bhane Day 1,903, 13:53

And I did not have a right to run Vik?

I certainly did not enjoy sharing a party with some of the old thieves of eIreland. But we decided to do it as a party to stand against the tactic of PTO regardless of faction. We would give the same shelter to any party that suffered the same fate.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 14:05 halped the worst thiefs and scammers this country ever had...and you helped them enter congress.
You think letting those kind in congress is better then some PTO?
Giving well known PTOers to taste their own medicine can only be a positive action.

Cut the crap with anti PTO tactic

You help them either coz you support their crimes or coz you were greedy for congress seat.

Yes Bhane you have ever right to run for congress but for what price?

You enter congress together with moral filth and true enemies of ireland and in the process you ruined independent voices..A PARTY WITHOUT ANY CRIMINAL HISTORY!

IV woked their way up in a normal civilised way...respecting everyone.
Independent Voices are a normal irish party that should be supported.

You can say what you want but you helped traitors and thiefs to gain personal interest.
That makes you same as kunts...

Bhane Day 1,903, 14:21

The gesture was not an attack on IV, it was a defense of the IUP. Do not equate me working FOR my party as though I am working AGAINST another. That is false twisting of the motivation to fit the tale you want to spin here. You are wrong here, and you are on tilt going down this tangent. Take a breath and back up a bit. You are making wild assumptions and nonexistent connections in your head. Do whatever it is you do to cool down before you do something regrettable.

Kurgan... are you really going to put me on par with the cheeky party? You are saying that this one ATO gesture is a crime equal to the millions of cc and hundreds of gold they have stolen. My actions for eIreland have always been generous in nature.

Do not go down this path and make me an enemy.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 14:47

Did kunts ever returned the money they stole and scammed?
Did kunts ever apologised for numerous PTOs they performed?

I belive no......that means they are not sorry what they did and would do again with first chance.


"You are saying that this one ATO gesture is a crime equal to the millions of cc and hundreds of gold they have stolen."

Again Bhane...did they return that money? No?

If you were a true patriot you would openly stand against them and not having this pathetic fence sitting.


Don't be Like that failure Death and Texas (malbekh) who sold his soul and all his former ideals just to be popular and "respected".

Find some fking courage and stand for what is right!

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,903, 15:06

@Bhane I mean to 84gold will get in our treasury in first month from one rented org, 50 gold of deposti to our bank which will be returned when one who rented org asks for it and than he'll return ORG, 1,1 gold is daily rent so by one org we can earn up to 84gold and more if we put them on MM imm.

Bhane Day 1,903, 15:40

Does that make ME an enemy of Ireland in your view?

I have stood against them openly. I have never defended or denied their infamous past and present.

I endorse an economic profile for our country remove many opportunities for corruption. That is why they will never support me, since I don't want to give them a trough to feed from. So do not put me in the same boat as them... they would never have me on their team.

I do stand for what is right. That's why we had to offer them the opportunity to run under the IUP banner. The PTO was the wrong thing that happened on that day, and I fought against it.

50g deposit yields 84g? how? You will make 34g off that investment? Are you saying you can get a 68% return on investment? Then how are we still poor?
Your math is very suspect here. maybe you are overestimating yields and returns. I have no clue where you are getting these estimations from.

Bhane Day 1,903, 16:01

Using the factor 1.1 is a 10% daily rate of return, not 1%.
Try 1.01*29
You are also using the multiple which is not what people use for interest. You use an exponent to calculate compound interest
Try 1.01^29
but even that is not correct, since MM offers take 10 days to get to the front page.
Try 1.01^3
But even that is not really correct because there are a few other factors.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 16:28

When did you stood against them openly?
Must be my retarded memory. I only remember you complaining not being invited to the big boys table.

Again Bhane...them refusing to return money they stole makes thm an enemy of ireland as much brits were enemy once.
And we must fight the enemy on all fronts.
We must PTO them, scamm them and damage them everywhere we can.


Or maybe you think we should just forget the damage they caused and move along when we all know they will do it again.


You say we should forget that?

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 16:34

You call it a PTO Bhane?
Some of who care about ireland call it a battle againt irish bad you can't see the difference...

Bhane Day 1,903, 16:45


You say we should forget that?"

We should never forget that.
I hope you never forget that. I encourage your tenacity on that subject.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,903, 17:46

@Bhane you didn't get it well, the one who rents org will give 1.1g daily to MoF, so thats the way we could have plenty gold to develop on MM and earn more money...

Bhane Day 1,903, 19:07

Renting an org costs 1.1g per day?
That's insane.

What idiot would pay that price? You can't get investment return to keep up with that unless you are a multi-millionaire to begin with.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Day 1,904, 10:25

its easily to make that profit 😉 and its worth

Bhane Day 1,904, 12:55

Yeah it makes a profit for the country, at the expense of the renting citizen. Nobody you can trust is going to pay 1.1g every day for one org. It's an absolutely insane price. There is no way the citizen can make returns fast enough to keep up with that high rental fee.

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