Presidential address and Cabinet Announcement

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True Citizens of eSouth Africa,

It has been a tough road indeed for all of us. The presidential election was a close one. The PTO’ers are in control of the presidency and congress. This is not unfamiliar to us. We have been in this position before. We have and will PREVAIL!!

Let’s not lose hope. We have come a long way and our community has become more active and driven. Please be advised as we are a Shadow/Resistance Government, a lot of our work will be continuing behind the scenes. We have already got plans in motion. Our path to FREEDOM starts now!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the overwhelming support and electing me for a 2nd term as your president.


Cabinet applications, for September 2010 are closed. In order to avoid having to disappoint any more people, applications are closed and cabinet has been finalised. I believe they are pro-active and don't leave things for the last minute - these are the type of people I want in my cabinet.
There are still some positions available. Please send me a pm should you want to apply.

So here's the big announcement EVERYONE's been waiting for:

President: Grimstone
Vice-President: Fhaemita Malodorous
Chief Minister of State and Executive Officer of the president: Samgibz

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Deputy Minister of Finance: None, please apply.
Director of Trade: None, please apply.
Director of Government Companies: None, please apply.

Minister of Information: Bobady Zoo
Deputy Minister of Information: Nick Jones

Minister of Security: chucker71
Deputy Minister of Security: mulderpf

Minister of Defense: CyberWitch
Deputy Minister of Defense: Enbaros

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Seisan
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Evighet
Director of Immigration: Champinator.

Minister of Social Development: Golgavar
Deputy Minister of Social Development: Joseph Rich
Director of Mentorship: Wingfield
Director of Education: SuperSlax
Director of Fun: SuperSlax

Minister of Internal Affairs: Micheal Dell
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Lawrence S.Whittaker

Minister of IRC: Krimpiekat

Minister of Communication Dreamer_KF

The following two appointments are not made by the president:
Reserve Bank Governor: Lazer Fazer
Chief of Staff: Tronyx

I believe this is a great mix of people to bring in fresh ideas, but also keep some of the experience of older players in cabinet. I hope that after my term, we will have a bunch of newly skilled people who can take our country into the future.

Congratulations to all the appointees and best of luck with the term ahead.

Best regards
President of eSouth Africa