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President and Cabinet

Day 1,516, 01:54 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by abdullah australi

Hi all, unfortunately our Minister of Information has been indisposed and unable to publish the government announcements to date, so this is a brief article announcing my cabinet team.

President: abdullah australi

Vice Presidents: I-G-D and Wars 7

Mo Foreign Affairs: I-G-D
Deputy MoFA: Agabey

Mo Defence: Wars 7

Mo Economic Development: PrinceofOcean
Deputy MoED and Treasurer: Voice

Mo Information: abu shaig

Grand Mufti: Agabey

feel free to contact myself or relevant ministers for any queries.



Ahmed AE
Ahmed AE Day 1,516, 01:57


Noveras Day 1,516, 02:04


marwan5577 Day 1,516, 02:16

voted 🙂

Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 1,516, 04:33

Diarrhea mumkin?

voice Day 1,516, 05:31


Khaled Ibrahim
Khaled Ibrahim Day 1,516, 09:41

Good Luck

PrinceOfOcean Day 1,516, 13:50


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