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PP Victory + Gamer's Dictionary

Day 2,461, 17:10 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by I-G-D

Dear citizens of eSaudi Arabia,

I would like to announce that the Party President elections were a huge success, with Virus123, the official eSaudi candidate, getting all of the votes (100%). Thanks to everyone who’s voted for the rightful candidate, and everyone who’s organized these elections. It’s important to remember how dangerous political take overs are, and be focused on making sure that the official candidate always wins the Party President elections.

Our current plan is to get back on the map so we can get the Congress. That shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. I will give you more details about this issue in two or three days.

Other than this, I’ve decided to create a small gamer’s dictionary for our newer players. You can check it out here:

I just thought that having a dictionary like that would be useful. Making one was easy, so I guess that’s that...



Don Machak.
Don Machak. Day 2,461, 17:12


Don Machak.
Don Machak. Day 2,461, 17:12

yea! xD

Don Machak.
Don Machak. Day 2,461, 17:16

PS. dictionary is nice idea.

Muhammed79 Day 2,462, 01:42

Živjela nezavisna i suverena Republika Kosovo

Don Machak.
Don Machak. Day 2,462, 02:52

reported for flaming.

Muhammed79 Day 2,462, 23:01

Podržavati nezavisnu i suverenu državu je flaming? To ima samo u zaostaloj vazalskoj pokrajini Crbiji, pardon Beogradskom pašaluku.

Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 2,461, 17:14


Sir.Vladimir Putin
Sir.Vladimir Putin Day 2,461, 17:24


ReMiiX Day 2,462, 01:25

Great idea. Its really useful.
Voted o7

Cherruves Day 2,462, 03:04

Blocked access in ksa

anakin987 Day 2,462, 14:05

Very well.

miqdaam Day 2,464, 07:16

good job, thank you brother Ivan.

TeslaSoldierPL Day 2,464, 14:03


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