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PP elections the official unofficial look

Day 1,822, 03:24 Published in Australia Australia by Sir_c0nstant

I decided to make a voting guide for everyone so we can do our best effort to stop parties being PTOed once again.

The multing PTOers who PTOed the ANP and AI last month are running in those two parties again.

I recommend that everyone hold on to their votes for as long as possible and even wait until tommorrow. Last elections the PTOers didn't crank out their votes until late the next day. We need to have the ability to move votes around to parties that need them.

Party - ANP - Anti PTO

Real Candidate - All candidates are real
PTO Candidate - None

Party - ANP

Real Candidate - Sir_C0nstant
PTO Candidate - gaboomar88

Party - AI

Real Candidate - Xavier Griffith
PTO Candidates - Szenti, Mr Crocodile

Party - KHMC

Real Candidate - Scottty
PTO Candidates - Ethan Mwjhah (2 other candidates unknown at this time)

Party - APP

Real Candidate - argi the eliminator
PTO Candidates - veganesence24

Party - GnG

Real Candidate - Wingfield, Icetek
PTO Candidates - doniaposium

Party - Australian Revolutionary Party

Real Candidate - Molly jo, irule777
PTO Candidates - gangham aussie

Party - Australian Communist Party

Real Candidate - Chris carnage
PTO Candidates - R.Bugnion89



Canester Day 1,822, 03:26

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,822, 03:29


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,822, 03:31

What is this blasphemy!


DocterDryMOIST Day 1,822, 07:17

This ones crap

BOUD1CCA Day 1,822, 12:49

stolen from DD
why am I not surprised

DocterDryMOIST Day 1,823, 04:27

Louise everyone wants to be me it seems

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