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Day 2,031, 01:01 Published in India Albania by Ruler of The New World

I posted this in all my feeds: "What can I do to improve my newspaper?"
The only half decent response was: "Get rid if the picture of Che!" I responded by saying: "And put one up of Led Zepplin? That might cause even more remarks. I take it ur American. I'm nt communist I just think what he did was remarkable and awe inspiring." That about sums it up.

As a stated in my second article I don't have any particular political orientation. No I am not communist, fascist, a democrat or a socialist. In fact I don't fall under any particular political description. But there is one phrase that sums up my being and that is the Swahili saying "Hakuna matata", it means no worries. Quite frankly that s what we should all live by. I'm not inducing
ultra-hippie state, I'm not saying yes to canabis, because befuddling your mind is complete bull-dung. What I am saying is Hakuna Matata. It's a problem free philosophy, just relax (Much like the way of native Somoans- Fa-a Samoa).

The bullshit about dictatorship, and the crap about communism is all very well but what happens when power is abused the perpetrators are overthrown, the military turns and the revolution begins. In Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables (I read all 1234 pages last summer)he talks of revolution as a living thing that twists and turns like some living thing. The abuse f powers not something to be reckoned with.

To whomever commented on my newspaper symbol I will change A.S.A.P if it causes tensions, which by the exclamation mark at the end if the comment it did. And to all my readers please tell me how I can improve my newspaper, for my benefit (jeez I'm getting selfish) and for your enjoyment (there, I redeemed my self).



Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 2,031, 03:11

hakuna matata mate. 🙂

To improve your newspaper, write articles that ppl will like to read. Add more pictures (ppl like pictures and a picture speak 1000 words)

Maxi Tippkick Maximillian
Maxi Tippkick Maximillian Day 2,031, 06:38

I personally have no problem with Guevara.But he just does not go with the sort of articles you write

Ruler of The New World
Ruler of The New World Day 2,031, 14:33


Broken1 Day 2,031, 14:42

yes and post on all feeds about ur new article

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