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Political Ash Wednesday

Day 1,912, 11:42 Published in Saudi Arabia South Africa by Farbous
Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters from eKSA,

Like in Germany and maybe other European nations, I want to publish an critical article about the politics in the eWorld. I apologize in advance!

Let us begin to talk about the biggest muppet in the whole eWorld: Ah Chuy Kak. He maybe think that especially the new players trust in him when he say such ridiculous 08/15-slogans like "I only want to fight for my fellow believers" or "I just want to support my Arab brothers". No Ah Chuy Kak, there are no Muslims in Turkey, no... Are you kidding me? Nobody will believe in this sh**! Grow up! I'm not intolerant, but you have no business here! To say that Israel is shit and a free Palestine is the first aim of every Muslim is also a little bit ridiculous here in eRepublic because it's no real life. You don't collect any sympathy. Go away to your real brothers. We don't need PTO'rs like you!

Next point: Newcomers, become more active! I'm also relative new here, but we need your engagement. Yes, fighting for our home for two or three times is cool and then, the game becomes boring for you, but we need more active players for a long time! Do you think that a state is leaded automatically? No! Either you publish articles or you work as an ambassador. Or both. We need YOU, understand this...

Now, I want to talk about some players. Powerful players, sometimes presidents. And veeery arrogant! You have to know that I hate players who think they are better than others and don't need to answer others. Especially when you are the ambassador in his/her country. And then you read that the country of the player has only problems. Oh and maybe if you think that these players aren't online: They are the whole day online! So, these guys should answer others if they wrote them inportant messages. For me, they are all PTO'rs!

To all the other PTO'rs here in eKSA: Haul your a***** out of here!

Sorry and thank you!

Hassan Salama
Saudi Ambassador in eGermany and eBrazil
Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs



hazem95 Day 1,912, 11:48

Destroy Ay Chuy Kak

Farbous Day 1,912, 11:49

Oh yes this is maybe the thing we should do

mwatin Day 1,912, 12:37


Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,913, 08:24


Zordacz Day 1,914, 11:01

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