PODCAST: From Russia, With Love (E5AMI)

Day 814, 06:38 Published in USA USA by American Border Collie
OMG! IT'S ANOTHER EPIC 5 AM INTERVIEW!!!!! (except Emerick is replaced with the next best thing: A HOT GIRL!

Twenty two days ago, a friend of mine announced that she was quitting. I just found out about it on Tuesday, so I asked if I could have a final interview. I have spoken to her in the past and have seen her many times on IRC. No matter what time of day, she can be seen sitting on IRC and sometimes even jumps into the fray.

I am talking about the one and only chebbba, also known as waffles_fm on IRC. I had some good conversations with her on IRC, but was given the opportunity for the final interview, at 5 AM of course. In the interview, we describe her journey through eRepublik, some eRussian Politics, and even her opinion of some eUSA citizens.

It is probably the most fun I have ever had doing a podcast, and is worth a listen.

Oh, and did I mention that she is absolutely beautiful?

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