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PnPP Express Issue #6

Day 1,642, 21:47 Published in New Zealand Australia by Ginny Tory

Kia Ora, PnPP Members!

First, a great party ‘welcome back’ to Valentyme for returning as our PP this month! A brilliant leader. We’re happy to have you back.

Not wasting a minute, Valentyme is already seeking out members to run in the May Congress Elections.

As always, the PnPP promotes activeness and education. We wish for our senior, expert players to stay with the game, lending us their oceans of knowledge. As well as bringing in our younger e-citizens to getting them involved and learning. The party wants to give everyone an equal opportunity to get involved. So whether you’re 3 e-years old or only 3 e-weeks old, we want YOU to be an active member - providing a range of experiences and individuals.

If you are interesting in running for congress this month, please, PM our president Valentyme with your intent. He will review the list of possible entries and publish a master list of endorsed candidates. Individuals who do not make this list can NOT run for congress.

Becoming a member of eNew Zealand’s congress is a good way to gain experience and more knowledge of e-politics.

It is asked that members of congress and general party members please frequent the #PnPP.NZ IRC channel to stay informed and give their oppinions about politic matters. Such as the many resistance wars our nation has been having against countries such as Argentina.

Speaking of killing our eSouth American neighbors...:

Party members are eligible and encouraged to join the Kiwi Military Guard. The KMG is a tightly knit brotherhood of eKiwis who fight for the freedom and safety of eNew Zealand and allies. Members have great fun fighting together as a team in coordinated attacks and spending time having fun chatting in out #KMG IRC channel (and Facebook) (and Skype) (and etc.). If you love the e-military and being a part of a true brotherhood in arms, then the KMG is the right place for you.

Join now:

Ginny Tory
PnPP Express Owner


Valentyme Day 1,642, 21:50

Great Article Ginny o7

Tijana R
Tijana R Day 1,643, 00:04

nice job Valentyme!!! :😁

Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,643, 03:13


E.L.E.A.N.O.R Day 1,643, 04:33

Great article and plans ! PnPP's love xD

Oboacer Day 1,643, 12:24

Voted! Great article Ginny and congrats Val!

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,643, 14:23

Congrats Val o7

PnPP FTW \o/

Crusadercarl Day 1,644, 01:39

Congratz Val, good choice PnPP and nicely written GT:)

Valentyme Day 1,644, 01:41

Hey old man, why you not on IRC?

Aleda542 Day 1,644, 09:08

Nice article!!!

EternalLightStream Day 1,644, 11:27

CC is busy fighting with whales,sharks and walrus ,val. Let it be. Oh yes,i forgot penguins.

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