PLAY 4 FUN - The Game Rules (USA)

Day 929, 07:51 Published in USA Bulgaria by Ivan Valkov

<strong>The idea of this article is to be on top 5 in international article and to be viewed by many ecitizens. I want by everyone of us to vote this article and please tell of your friends about it – let’s vote and they.
This article is a call for many people in the game, who don’t understanding what constitutes a one GAME and why we play it. So i publish the article in 5th largest countries in eRepublik - ePoland, eBrazil, eSerbia, eSpain and the eUnited States and translated into Bulgarian version in my country - eBulgaria. The original and most important article is this in the USA - so I would ask everyone to vote it here.</strong>

The first thing that one player knows about eRepublik when starting to play it is that this is a GAME.

Unique in this game is that every player is grow separately, each starting from scratch and everyone is equal with others. This GAME is strategic - anyone can build their own strategy - we can be too honest or was to manipulate and lie, but to act within the rules. On the other hand, this game is team game. Meaning the team is to be united, help each other. Teams nowadays, however, became too much. But real teams here are our countries - each country has a purpose and the whole country should be one team who aiming in that pupose. Let no party, let no government, let it all be just a sham, let each country and its citizens are in their team, in one family.

I Will submit a list of five makeshift rules of the game in my opinion:

<strong>1. Play for Fun
2. If someone irritating you and is in a dispute with you, if you see that he lying and cheating, look at Rule № 1
3. If you sick of incompetent management of the politicians, look at Rule № 1
4. If you see an once again how many unorganized is everything, look at Rule №1
5. If you have free time for the game in 2 minutes or if you have free time at all day, look back at Rule №1</strong>

For the final i will quote one French song (Stromae - Alors on danse), with an exceptional text, whose meaning can be interpreted in the game. For this goal i will will be replaced the word danse (dance) with the word jouer (play):

Qui dit étude dit travail, (The one who says study, talk about work )
Qui dit taf te dit les thunes, (The one who says work, talk about pennies)
Qui dit argent dit dépenses, (The ones who says money, talks about expenses)
Qui dit crédit dit créance, (The one who says credit, talks about debit)
Qui dit dette te dit huissier, (The one who says depts, talks about the bailiff)
Oui dit assis dans la merde. (And he says – you sitting on shit)
Qui dit Amour dit les gosses, (The one who says love, talks about children)
Dit toujours et dit divorce. (He says always, but really says divorce )
Qui dit proches te dis deuils car les problèmes ne viennent pas seul. (The one who says intimacy is talking to you about grief, because problems don’t come alone)
Qui dit crise te dis monde dit famine dit tiers- monde. (The one who talks about crisis, says world, hunger, third world)
Qui dit fatigue dit réveille encore sourd de la veille, (The one who talks about exhaustion, says wake up, even deaf from last night’s vigil)
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes. (And them we go out to forget all of us problems)
Alors on jouer … (And So we PLAY …)