Plato is literally Satan.

Day 4,749, 01:14 Published in USA USA by chickensguys

Please upvote this article so Plato might actually see it. I ended my last article about the badmins on a positive note. I had hoped that the anniversary event might actually be good, that we might be surprised, that they didn't forget about us, that they cared. But alas, my hopes have been dashed upon the naive rocks below and torn asunder.

Last year, we got contested battles, skins, a fantastic weekly, and an amazing journey.

This year we got an amazing journey half of which is behind a paywall, no contested battles, no fantastic weekly, and NO SKINS. If you want those corporate stooges in eastern europe to hear us, it’s time to start yelling.

We are not cows.
You will not milk us dry.
Your greed shall not stand.

Plato is Satan. Do not defend him. If we get good stuff next week it’s because honest people, decent people, and good people decided to take a stand.