Plato - Erepublik Game over !!!!

Day 1,645, 08:40 Published in USA Greece by Spirosway

Dear Erepublik players and Admins,
i am not writing this article to ruin this game,but i am writing to show that most players in community are mad with every last change that made Erepublik a "PREMIUM" game. I am sure that Admins don't want to see most players leaving this game....

Let's check some changes....
1)How much money need someone in companies to get full training?
For example with full bonus and 44% special price in upgrade!

-1 Q6 company Weapons
10 workers = 3000 USD
200 weapons = 12.000 raw = 960 USD with 0.08 cc
total expenses : 3960 USD

Income : 27.5 USD x 200 = 5500 USD

Profit : 1540 USD (few days ago was 1000)

full training : 3.5 gold -->7000 CC that means we need almost 5 Q6 weapons companies and that cost to us about 2100 GOLD = 700 euros (lol)

What about 10 gold limit?
20.000 currency = 13 Q6 companies = 5460 GOLD = 1820 Euros(lol)

Without 44% we must sell our House or car to play this game.

2)Who is the developer who invent "extra damage" with bazooka with that sick cost ?
26 gold for 300k damage? 😛 and how many golds do we need for bazooka parts too ?😛
I don't want to calculate this really...this is JOKE!

3)Monetary market is about 2000 CC for 1 gold. Also for every "new offer" from Admins gold market going worse...
What is the next update ? 10.000 cc for 1 gold propably?

4)What about raw material? We must wait to see the prices about 0.01 ?
How logical is to push all players to invest in raw material companies and after that to ruin the market?
I can remind you few months ago Q5 raw material was perfect for workers...after ruining from new companies.
After that,they did Q4 raw material the best company just for pushing people spent their currency to fix monetary market, but NOTHING was fixed.

To be continued....or Game over?
It's up to you Admins....

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Plato - Erepublik Game over !!!!

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