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Day 1,689, 08:59 Published in Brazil Croatia by Obersoldat

While gathering latest information through private sources and seeing the latest leak in information, I have decided to write this analysis of the plan ONE has made, on how to get more strong countries in ONE, without them realizing it that they are in ONE before it’s too late.

This is my 5th term as MoFA of Croatia, I have before also served 2 times as vMoFA. Before that I have served 6 months as ambassador of Croatia. So what I’m about to tell you is derived through my entire knowledge and experience.

When ONE one was created, its original thought was to create ‘’elite’’ alliance. Small number od countries who could coordinate more easily. Sounds familiar? What happened between Croatia and Poland then I have written in my last article.

But what has happened since then is that more ‘’elite’’ countries appeared on TEDEN side, Brasil, China, USA. And now ONE faced a new challenge. How to get those countries in ONE.

Plan is executed py Poland, that is prophet009. This guy is very sneaky, but very skilled and with a lot of experience. A wordy enemy,to be very very careful with.

And this is the story he came up with and it seems everyone is buying it.

The biggest obstacle there is that Brasil will not join ONE, neither will USA. So this is what they need to do.

1. Create a new alliance. Say that it will not be connected neither with ONE or TEDEN. We will be the 3rd neutral party. Brasil will consider this acceptable and join.

2. Add oil on fire by escalating problems that Brasil has with Romania and Portugal, members of EDEN. Thus pushing it slowly away from TEDEN.

3. Slowly let armies of ONE fight for this new alliance, thus bringing closer 2 alliances.

4. Make some great incident or some need to sign MPP’s with ONE countries.

And voila,before you know it, Brasil is a proONE country.

So what Poland is doing is just trying to provide an adaptation period to Brasil, so that they do not feel like traitors. Because Brasilians are known to be honest and with a lot of integrity. At least this is my conclusion in this almost year and something that I have worked with Brazil.

If Brasil chooses this ‘’new’’ alliance this is what will happen. Because the facts are:

1.Prophet is very connected with ONE, they will keep their MPP’s even with this ‘’new’’ alliance.

2.I cannot prove it,but I’m sure ONE HQ is very much informed about this negotiations, they have at least been in the begining. When first logs leaked, their SG confirmed that he knew about it. Same people are in all positions as then, so It’s logical to assume that these negotiations are lead by ONE HQ.

3.Having 3 different sides is impossible in this game, sooner or later two sides will unite against one. This ‘’neutrality’’ can last for a month, maybe two, but that’s it. Adjustment period.And then new alliance becomes proONE.

Brasil keep your eyes open,and don't get fooled or tricked. You are dealing with very skilled and treacherous people, and by putting a veil over your eyes they can easily lead you the wrong way.

Yours truly,





Epita1997 Day 1,689, 09:02

Most of Brazilian population doesn't want do abandon Croatia, we don't abandon true and loyal friends, wait for the future Brazilian gov opinion.

The Ghazi
The Ghazi Day 1,689, 09:08


Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,689, 09:10

Brazil will never be forever alONE.

radens Day 1,689, 09:11

new alliance is just ONE v2...

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,689, 09:14


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,689, 09:15

snakes from one, watch out brazil...

Romper Day 1,689, 09:16

Very true. This is how Loland manipulated their own players as well to leave EDEN. Scenario is almost identical.

eptoxeusamen Day 1,689, 09:17


radovlje Day 1,689, 09:18


dabrina Day 1,689, 09:19


Makedonissa Day 1,689, 09:22

Timeo Pols et dona ferentes

Beware of the Pols bearing gifts...

SexyCicko Day 1,689, 09:23

agreed with romper, the polish did the same when leaving eden
only difference is the name of the target : )

HannibalBarkas Day 1,689, 09:29

Loland propaganda o/

Gulitiwi Day 1,689, 09:32

I just want to let you know, my MoFA team are: dinossauro, Rodrigo Jamnik Frumento, Ayato and EddieJoe.

Any other random player doesn't talk in the name of Brazil. I know there's some Brazilian players trying to spread misleading information, they do not represent Brazil.

Any MoFA from the impeached CP should be ignored.

We brazilians believe in our good friendship.

Brazilian CP

Goxi HN Day 1,689, 09:33

Comment deleted

IslambolFatih Day 1,689, 09:34


Obersoldat Day 1,689, 09:42

Gulitiwi,I'm fully aware that you old players from ODIN remember eHistory and can see what I'm writing without me telling you or painting a picture for you.

This article is meant for those that are new,haven't lived in times when current ONE members betrayed us both,and are willing to negotiate with them.Those that are manipulated by ONE.

They need to put the puzzle together and see this for what it is.A plan to get Brasil in ONE.

Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,689, 09:47

Goxi HN, come to get my Banana

Gislaine Day 1,689, 09:50

That will not happen, and while I exist, I will fight against all odds, they conspire against the alliance Broatia.

Prophet009 Day 1,689, 10:03

Wow, nice plan really, thank you Obersoldat for informing me, too bad that I didn't invented it before you.
Nice try.

Also thank you for believing in my skills so much, that was kinda... unexpected...


Gyurak Day 1,689, 10:04


Ante General Day 1,689, 10:04

Comment deleted

Bohemias Day 1,689, 10:05

Croatia brothers.
Brazil will never become ONE.

from Brazil.

Shi0N De Aries
Shi0N De Aries Day 1,689, 10:07

Obersoldat, my respect. Croatia is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> than Loland.

Crozil rules.

FrutekXXX Day 1,689, 10:08


Obersoldat Day 1,689, 10:12


Stop with false modesty. : D

I know how skilled you are,and that you should never be underestimated. ; )

Maybe some who are inexperienced can't see it,but when I read logs from your conversations,I can exactly see what are your intentions.You are not MoFA so many times because you have a nice face.

And of course you will deny this plan,but to all with experience this article is unnecessary,ONE HQ plan is obvious. ; )

Bohemias Day 1,689, 10:14

If Brazil one day fight against Croatia or Argentina, this will be the day i'll leave this country.

C E R O V I N A Day 1,689, 10:16

ma duvaj bree

Mizeroi Day 1,689, 10:19

Ante General

I agree in 100%, those Polish who joined Croatia side (POW and others) are just as you wrote. But it doesn't mean you can call'em a whore, even if it's true. Reported anyway

Arrlo Day 1,689, 10:23

prophet you are a lying little snake.

Pedja16 Day 1,689, 10:32

This is so eCroatian...using reversed logic and manipulation...
It seems to me that you made up a story to scare the Brazilian people...Even if the story was true it is up to Brazilians to decide what they want to do with their country...

Funny how you payed the Polish voters club to vote for this article... : D
Did you pay it yourself or Romper helped you??? : D

Prophet009 Day 1,689, 10:35

Why there's so much hatred? : (

Looks like those secret plans weren't that secret, if everyone knows about it, so all in all I'm not even decent in diplomacy. I have no idea why there's any reason of talking like this, my friend : )

Norbengo Day 1,689, 10:36

Cry me a river...

New alliance seems interesting

4venger Day 1,689, 10:41


Obersoldat Day 1,689, 10:42


Hahahahaha. This is an effin comedy. I have a lot of admiration for your skills in manipulating.But you already exposed yourself when first logs came out about this ''new'' alliance.
This is what happened:
1.You create a plan in ONE HQ how to manipulate Brasil and USA to change sides.
2.You have secret negotiations,and it must be kept secret so that the rest of ONE who are not familiar with the plan do not interpret it wrong and think Poland is betraying ONE.

Obersoldat Day 1,689, 10:45

3.RizonPT leaks the logs.Everything is effed up,players who are not familiar with the plan think Poland is betraying ONE.
4.In that article comments you and SG of ONE admit to both knowing about this and claim it was just a joke to calm ONE players down.

And there is your mistake. ; )

Arrlo Day 1,689, 10:55

No hatred. Pure fact. You're a false and lying little snake.

Obersoldat Day 1,689, 10:57

Prophet009 forgot about this?

I'll just edit that in. ; )

Arrlo Day 1,689, 11:17

yeah prophet been caught♪

UnderCow Day 1,689, 11:20

Croatia is better allie of Brazil

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Day 1,689, 12:02

Vai Corintia!

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Day 1,689, 12:15

Be smart, eBrazil!


ElvenCRO Day 1,689, 14:14

Same thing in smart! don't get fooled !

Thesmos Day 1,689, 14:16

Its too late 🙁

melllao Day 1,689, 14:29

Hail Brazil
Hail Croatia
Hail Romenia
Hail Portugal
Hail USA
Hail China
Hail argentina

Matheus Macena Vasconcelos
Matheus Macena Vasconcelos Day 1,689, 14:33

If Brazil one day fight against Croatia or Argentina, this will be the day i'll leave this country. [2]

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