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Picture Of The Day - Day 2037

Day 2,037, 13:12 Published in Japan Japan by Kagami Hiiragi

the request a picture of the day still goes on!
just name an anime or a character from an anime and I'll make it happen!

but I can only do another 50 POTDs.
so if you'd like to see something that you haven't seen yet on the paper, now's the time to request it!

today's pictures are of Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai as requested by ardishabutaro:



Master Tigers
Master Tigers Day 2,037, 13:26

I like the last picture 😁

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,037, 13:26

Drakantas Day 2,037, 13:30

Third o7

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 2,037, 13:36

luv luv luv < 3

Aryzn Day 2,037, 14:04

Last pic is the best ^.^

Squibeel Day 2,037, 14:08

Needz moar.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,037, 14:13

Utterly sinister! This shits legal in Japan???

Aister Pendragon
Aister Pendragon Day 2,038, 00:10

inb4 OMG INCEST Kirino is actually cousin, which is allowed in Japan.

u don't like it? too bad

synhro Day 2,038, 00:44

A troll trying to disturb our ecchi harmony.

Ignore: ON

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,038, 04:44

"Kirino is actually cousin, which is allowed in Japan"


Who's Kirino!? And who said anything about incest?

uaporschee Day 2,037, 14:22

I like the last picture 😁

Taromon X
Taromon X Day 2,037, 14:42

V : )

Linzx Day 2,037, 17:52


synhro Day 2,038, 00:45

Beautiful pics..every single one of them.

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,038, 03:01


Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,038, 23:32


tatsuya kojiro
tatsuya kojiro Day 2,039, 02:26


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