PEACEKeepers and Hungarian citizens disappear in middle of Romanian attack

Day 284, 00:16 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Secretary-General of the PEACE
For Immediate Release
August 30, 2008

PEACEKeeping Forces and Hungarian civilians confirmed to have disappeared as Romanian troops moved in

Initial reports from the battlefield in Hungary of disappearing PEACEKeepers and Hungarian civilians have been confirmed by PEACE Oversight Officers on the ground there. Over 142,000,000 civilians and defensive troops have entirely disappeared, leaving no trace of their existence--save for empty uniforms and weapons--behind.

Entire Hungarian villages have been confirmed to have been affected by these disappearances. The cause of the disappearances is not yet known, but the PEACE Global Community has called upon Romania to halt the war to allow PEACE investigators into the region to study and determine what happened.

It is not yet known if any Romanian soldiers or citizens were effected by the disappearances.

If you have any details regarding the disappearances, please contact a local PEACE Delegation immediately.

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Nicolae Carpathia
Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community