PEACE GC official position regarding eTurkey

Day 455, 14:09 Published in Hungary Portugal by Arthk

Peace Headquarters
14:10 Erepublik Central Time
Day 455

Hello people of the world.

We regret to inform you that eTurkey decided today to leave PEACE GC, mainly due to misunderstandings regarding the eGreek freedom. eTurkey claims PEACE GC pushed them into freeing one eGreek region, when there was no pressure or whatsoever for this to happen. PEACE GC only stated its opinion towards the issue and made an opinion poll between all the representatives.

We are sorry that eTurkey decided to leave us, but we respect its decision.

A resistance war was started today in one eGreek region. This is not a PEACE GC action, and PEACE GC will not participate in it. Our position stands neutral in this matter. Every PEACE GC citizen that choses to fight there it will do that as an individual, and not as PEACE GC military.

As in other news, sadly bimba decided to leave the game and she's no longer PEACE Secretary General. In the name of this alliance we wish you best luck in real life and we await your future return. Farewell bimba, thanks for the good work you've accomplished so far!

I'm Arthk and I'll be replacing bimba till the end of the month, when a new poll will be started to elect a new Secretary General.

Thank you for your attention,

Best Regards

PEACE Secretary General