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Day 2,131, 10:09 Published in India Bosnia and Herzegovina by Vishroid

Hello friends,

I was just wondering that players who don't own newspaper, also think and may have ideas about development.

I want to give them a platform to speak up their mind.

So I've decided to publish articles for other players for a small amount of money, 5cc.
The service will be just like RL world's payment for publishing of an article by a customer to newspaper.

If anyone want to avail this service please PM me first, and then i'll ask for the topic.

Suggestions welcomed.

Best Regards,



Isengard13 Day 2,131, 10:15

good way to increase self's subs and votes....... good service,

Vishroid Day 2,131, 10:16

got into my mind when i was not having a newspaper, that if somebody could publish some articles for me.

Isengard13 Day 2,131, 10:17

high memory........good keep it up pls sub my newspaper too.

David Selva
David Selva Day 2,131, 10:27

vishroid come to irc often u cld get good support

Vishroid Day 2,131, 10:32

I would love to be on IRC, but my college is using a proxy server, tis leads to blacklisting of some proxy IPs by

So i'm unable to visit IRC, but whenever i'm at home you can find me on IRC.
Sorry for being unavailable.

Kushal Friggin' Agrawal Day 2,132, 08:36

Comment deleted

Kushal Friggin' Agrawal
Kushal Friggin' Agrawal Day 2,132, 08:39

You can use another proxy server to counteract the effect. Use or something.

Vishroid Day 2,132, 10:15

tried numerous times..
it never stopped loading while using proxy sites.

Isengard13 Day 2,131, 10:16

but i do like ur previous article it was worth reading

reborn from the ashes
reborn from the ashes Day 2,131, 10:56


Xaaryth Day 2,131, 19:53

Voted and I gave you my first sub! 🙂

Rudraneel Day 2,131, 21:37

From today we rechristen you as the Article Vending Machine. xD

Vishroid Day 2,132, 10:16

thnx Rudra.

Ravi09 Day 2,132, 04:12

lol not even newspaper is clean of "business" now 😃

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